August 2010

Bob Mobile AG: EBIT-increase and revenue growth of 24% in Q2/2010

  • 23/08/2010

* Group-revenue increased from 6.2 to 7.7 million Euro
* Group-EBIT increased from 0.6 to 0.9 million Euro
* Growth in core markets as well as in new markets
* Newly founded games unit closes first contracts
* Two digit revenue and EBIT increase expected fort he full business year

The Bob Mobile AG (WKN A0HHJR, ISIN DE000A0HHJR3) has further continued
it’s growth in the second quarter 2010 continuing the trend that was
already visible in the first quarter 2010. The consolidated group revenue
in the second quarter 2010 amounted to Euro 7.7 million (7.0 in Q2 2009).
In all business segments have been expanding, even the new business
segments that were launched this year were able to grow.

The group EBIT in the second quarter 2010 amounted to Euro 0.9 million,
clearly higher than EBIT in the second quarter of 2009 and well over the
first quarter 2010 (Ebit Q2 2009: Euro 0.0 million, Q1 2010: Euro 0.6
million). This is an even better result than the EBIT numbers reflect as
the media expenditures for customer acquisition have been increased during
this period as an investment in further growth. Overall an EBIT of 1.5
million Euro has been generated in the first halfyear. The Group Earnings
before taxes (EBT) is almost identical to the EBIT as cost for interest
payments are very low. The Earnings Per Share for H1 2010 amount to 70 Cent
(previous year: 0 Cent). All figures are preliminary and are subject to
validation by a certified accountant.

Within the group, the subsidiary Guerilla Mobile Berlin GmbH (participation
50,2%) consequently continued it’s internationalisation strategy. Newly
launched countries include a.o. Slowenia, Australia and Indonesia. Also
growth was generated in the existing markets Germany, Greece, Switzerland
and Austria, even though growth suffered from the good weather and the
world championship in the period mid until end of June. In the first half
of the year, the Pink Adventure AG further focused on digital as well as TV
related growth opportunities in the German market.

The Bob Mobile Group of companies expects to further continue it’s
profitable growth in the seasonally stronger second half of the year. Next
to current activities the newly founded Just A Game GmbH will also generate
first revenues in the third quarter 2010. At the gamescon in Cologne, the
Just A Game GmbH secured some promising licences in the previous week.

A reliable revenue and earnings outlook for the business year 2010 is
currently difficult to predict due to continued economic uncertainty as
well as the unpredictable developments on the financial markets. The Bob
Mobile Group of Companies expects however, based on the good H1 2010
figures, as well as the positive trend in the first weeks of the third
quarter 2010, for the full business year 2010, to realize a two digit
growth of revenue and earnings versus the previous year. This expectation
is based on the assumption that there will be no unexpected negative events
of major impact that affect the Group.

About Bob Mobile AG:
Bob Mobile AG is a holding company in the area of mobile value added
services, based in Straelen, Germany. As a leading marketer of mobile and
interactive value added services, Bob Mobile has established direct-to
consumer distribution in several European countries via its subsidiaries
and possesses a technical reach of nearly 200 million mobile phone users.
In addition, the Bob Mobile Group develops cutting-edge mobile content &
concepts. Bob Mobile specialises in selling its products via TV and the
internet and cooperates closely with leading television broadcasters as
well as internet networks. The Bob Mobile Group focuses on profitable
growth: via expansion into new countries as well as via active product and
services development for current as well as new multimedia handsets.

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