December 2010

Bob Mobile AG: Online Game War2Glory grows faster than expected, Increase of capital to facilitate further growth in the games sector.

  • 07/12/2010

* Increase of capital with subscription right in the proportion of 6 to 1
in order to fund quicker growth in the games sector
* War2Glory growth exceeds expectations; more than 50,000 users already
* Plans for further growth with additional language versions of War2Glory
and new games
* Dividend payments will be paused for one year to facilitate growth in the
games sector
* Increasing targets 2011: clear two digit growth of revenues

The Bob Mobile AG (WKN A0HHJR, ISIN DE000A0HHJR3), 6th December 2010 – Just
A Game GmbH, founded in July 2010, is evolving even better than expected.
Within a very short period of time, more than 50,000 users have registered
for the building strategy game War2Glory, which has only been released a
few weeks ago. Currently growth continues with more than 5,000
registrations per day. Following the release of the Greek (beginning of
December) and the English (planned for mid-December) language versions,
War2Glory is expected to grow even faster. Revenue development exceeds
plan. In addition there are two more online games in the works, one a
social game and the other a free-to-play massive multiplayer online game
similar to War2Glory. Trading activities in the field of games licenses are
also developing well. Meanwhile contracts have been concluded exceeding the
sum of 650,000 Euros. As a whole the gaming unit is well on the way to
exceed the target of 1 million Euros aimed at in 2010.

Due to the success of War2Glory, Bob Mobile AG has decided to maintain the
current speed of growth and even increase it with the launch of the
additional language versions. The sales target for the games sector will be
raised to 10 million Euros for the business year 2011 (previous 5 million
Euros). In the mobile value added services unit further profitable growth
is planned. Therefore Bob Mobile expects to grow turnover again with a two
digit percentage in the business year 2011. Due to investments into
facilitating faster growth, profits will only marginally increase compared
to 2010. From 2012 onwards it is however planned to achieve structurally
higher rates of return.

For funding the faster growth, the executive board of Bob Mobile AG has,
with the approval of the supervisory board today decided, to utilize the
available allowed capital according to § 7, section 1, of the articles of
the company, to increase the capital, with subscription rights for the
shareholders, amounting up to 241,171 new shares against cash
contributions, carrying full dividend rights from the financial year 2010
onwards. The share capital of the company shall be increased from 1,447,028
Euros to up to 1,688,199 Euros by issuing up to 241,171 new bearer shares.
The shareholders will be granted a subscription right in the proportion of
6 to 1. The two weeks subscription period starts on 10.12.2010. The
subscription price of the new shares will be 16.75 Euros per share. The
shareholders will be permitted to oversubcribe, subscription rights will
not be traded and there will be no compensation for unused subscription
rights. The management and institutional investors will subscribe on a
private placement basis for shares which are not placed to the shareholder
by the rights issue.

Lang & Schwarz Broker GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany, will accompany the
increase of capital as a sole lead manager and sole bookrunner. Afterwards
the new shares will be listed into the open market (entry standard) at the
Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Additionally the executive board and the
supervisory board of Bob Mobile AG have decided to pause dividend payments
for a year, to invest these means in growing the games unit, putting mid
term goals over short term goals.

The chairman of the board Remco Westermann commented theone time omission
of the dividend as follows: ‘We can achieve a growth rate in the gaming
unit that we never had expected. In order to realize this we now have to
focus on strengthening the financial position of the company. We assume
that the temporary omission of the dividend is the right way to strengthen
the internal structure as well as the future growth of Bob Mobile. ‘

With the new capital Bob Mobile AG will be able to strengthen its market
position in mobile value added services and finance fast growth in the
online games unit.

About Bob Mobile AG:
Bob Mobile AG is a holding company in the area of mobile value added
services and online games, based in Straelen, Germany. As leading marketer
of mobile value added services, Bob Mobile has established direct-to
consumer distribution in several European countries via its subsidiaries
and possesses a technical reach of over 200 million mobile phone users. In
addition, the Bob Mobile Group develops cutting-edge mobile contents,
product & concepts for traditional mobile phones as well as for new smart
phones. From July 2010 onwards Bob Mobile is also acting in the market for
browser games. The first game ‘War2Glory’ has been launched. The subsidiary
Just A Game GmbH also processes a successful license unit that
internationally sources and distributes licenses. Bob Mobile specializes in
selling its products direct to consumer via TV, the internet and mobile
internet and cooperates closely with leading television broadcasters as
well as internet networks. The Bob Mobile Group focuses on profitable
growth: via expansion into new countries as well as via active product and
services development.

Contact Bob Mobile AG:
Lucy Tiegelkamp
Paesmühlenweg 8, D-47638 Straelen
Telephone: +49 (0)2834 9429209;
Telefax: +49 (0)2834 46299409;

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