July 2011

Final figures for the business year 2010

  • 25/07/2011

* Revenue increase in 2010 to 40.7 million Euro (2009: 34,5 million Euro),
an 18% increase
* Annual net profit remains positive at 1.2 million Euro, even with
substantial investments in new subsidiaries
* Increasing focus in the online games segment – equity ownership in games
subsidiary Just A Game GmbH increased to 100 percent
* Currently over 2.4 million online players already registered – the
latest online game ‘Operation Gamma 41’ launched successfully
* Sale of subsidiary Pink Adventure AG (mobile adult services)

Bob Mobile AG (WKN A0HHJR, ISIN DE000A0HHJR3), 25.07.2011 – The executive
board of the Bob Mobile AG has, based on the positive developments in the
online games units, decided to further increase company focus in this
business area. In addition to online games for internet-PC’s, there will be
an increased offering for smartphones and tablet-PCs in the near future.

The Bob Mobile AG today published its final IFRS figures for the business
year 2010, the figures have been certified by the accountant. The group
revenues increased by 18,0 percent versus the previous year, totalling 40.7
million Euro (2009: 34.5 million Euro). The group EBIT for the business
year 2010 amounted to 2.7 million Euro, lower then in the previous year
(2009; 4.3 million Euro). Despite the substantial investments, the net
group profit, excluding third party interests, was positive at 1.2 million
Euro, although below the record level of the previous year (2009: 1.7
million Euro), but above the results from 2008 (0.6 million Euro).

In the business year 2010, there was substantial investment in the
build-up, growth and technical capability of the online games segment. The
expected start-up costs of the new segment online games had a negative
effect on the results. ‘By now it is clearly visible, that the expansion
into the games segment, by founding the ,Just A Game GmbH’ was a good
decision: as the number of players as well as the financial KPI’s show
positive development’, Bob Mobile-CEO Remco Westermann, commented on the
latest developments. The results in 2010 were further under pressure due
to investments in international expansion of the mobile segment, by the
mobile subsidiary Guerilla Mobile Berlin GmbH. Versus the previously
announced preliminary figures, an amount of 0.9 million Euro has been
corrected in the Guerilla Mobile Berlin GmbH subsidiary, in agreement with
the accountant, with the main reason being balance sheet deferrals and

The Bob Mobile AG has positioned itself well in the fast growing market for
browser games. The games subsidiary Just A Game GmbH is growing faster
than planned with currently over 2.4 million registered players. After
‘War2Glory’ and ‘9Empires’ in the beginning of July, the third online game
‘Operation Gamma 41’ has been commercially launched. Two weeks after launch
more then 50,000 players have already registered. Currently War2Glory is
being played in more then 10 countries. Some weeks ago ‘War2Glory’ has,
after the Italian language version, also launched a French language
version. In addition, the first social game will be launched in August

Based on the positive developments in the online games segment, the
executive board has decided to focus the Bob Mobile AG even stronger at the
games segment. Currently Bob Mobile AG is negotiating further games
licences for mobile phones (iPhone, Android) and tablet-PCs. In line with
increasing the focus towards the online games segment, Bob Mobile AG has
increased its equity participation in Just A Game GmbH from 84 to 100
percent. The Just A Game management, being the previous minority
shareholder, has been compensated by 8.000 Bob Mobile shares and stock
options for a further maximum of 20.000 Bob Mobile shares. As a further
step towards focus, the executive board has decided to sell its
participation Pink Adventure AG (adult-services). The transaction is
expected to be closed within the third quarter.

The complete annual report 2010 (in German) is available for download at
www.bobmobile.ag or can be ordered from Bob Mobile AG. The annual
shareholder meeting will take place at August 31, 2011.

About Bob Mobile AG:
Bob Mobile AG is a dynamic holding company focusing at the segments Online
and Mobile Games, being based in Straelen, Germany. As leading marketer of
mobile value added services, Bob Mobile has established direct-to consumer
distribution in several European countries via its subsidiaries. From July
2010 onwards Bob Mobile is changing its focus towards the segment for
online games. In 2010 the first freemium multiplayer online game
‘War2Glory’ has been launched. Since then ‘9Empires’ (roleplay) and
‘Operation Gamma 41’ (build&strategy) followed, further games are planned
to follow. The subsidiary Just A Game GmbH also processes a successful
license unit that internationally sources and distributes licenses. Bob
Mobile specializes in selling its products direct to consumer via the
internet, mobile internet and TV and cooperates closely with leading
internet networks as well as television broadcasters. The Bob Mobile Group
focuses on continueus profitable growth via expansion into new countries as
well as via active product and services development.

Contact Bob Mobile AG:
Lucy Tiegelkamp
Paesmühlenweg 8, D-47638 Straelen
Telephone: +49 (0)2834 9429209;
Telefax: +49 (0)2834 46299409;
Email: Investor@bobmobile.com
Internet: www.bobmobile.ag

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