February 2012

Acquisition of 100% of the shares of Mobile Specialist Cliq B.V. registered

  • 17/02/2012

Bob Mobile AG, Straelen (WKN A0HHJR, ISIN DE000A0HHJR3) announces that the
shares issue, with allowance of the extraordinary shareholder meeting from
December 22, 2011 has been registered with the traderegister and the
acquisition of 100% of the shares of Cliq B.V. is concluded. In parallel
also the third party stake of the Bob Mobile subsidiary Guerilla Mobile has
been acquired, increasing the stake in this subsidiary to 100%. The total
number of outstanding shares of Bob Mobile AG has been increased to

Bob Mobile AG herewith makes a big step forward; the group is now acting in
over 40 countries, with leading marketpositions in e.g. Germany, France,
Netherlands and Spainbut also in Canada, Russia and Australia. The merger
also strengthens the productportfolio that now consists of a broad
selection of online, multiplayer and single player games for smartphones,
traditional mobile phones, tabloids as well as online-PC’s. Also
financially the company moves into another league with planned 2012
revenues of Euro 95 million with an EBITDA ofEuro 18,5 million.

With the registration and conclusion, the integration of the companies can
now be implemented fast. It is planned to conclude the majority of the
integration by June 2012, a detailed planning has been made. Also the focus
of the grouptowards games will now be increased. Next to Online Games for
stationary PC’s, especially Online and Multiplayer Games for mobile phones
are in focus. Also the executive board of Bob Mobile AG has now been
extended, next to Remco Westermann (Chairman of the executive board) Luc
Voncken enters the board. Luc Voncken will lead the operational businesses
as CEO. In parallel also the supervisory board will be extended by three
additional new members that were agreedby the extraordinary

About Bob Mobile AG:
Bob Mobile AG is a dynamic holding company focusing at Games and Mobile
Entertainment, being based in Straelen, Germany. Asleading marketer of
entertainment productsfor mobile phones, Bob Mobile has via its
subsidiaries established direct-to consumer distribution in over 40
countries.From July 2010 onwards Bob Mobile is changing its focus towards
Online- and Mobile Games. In 2010 the firstfreemium multiplayer online game
‘War2Glory’ has been launched. Bob Mobile specializes in selling its
products direct to consumer via theinternet, mobile internet and TV. The
Bob MobileGroup focuses on continuous profitable growth, organically via
expansion into new countries and extensionof the games portfolios as well
as anorganically. Bob Mobile AG is listed in the Entry Standard.

Contact Bob Mobile AG:
Lucy Tiegelkamp
Paesmühlenweg 8, D-47638 Straelen
Telephone: +49 (0)2834 9429209;
Telefax: +49 (0)2834 46299409;
Email: Investor@bobmobile.com
Internet: www.bobmobile.ag

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