May 2012

Bob Mobile AG: announces extension of the executive board and launch of War2Glory mobile

  • 21/05/2012

– Executive board will be extended to 3 persons. Ben Bos will be responsible for Corporate

Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions

– Clear business strategy and focus on ‘Premium’ & ‘Freemium’ Games and Applications

– Full operational and technical Integration of Cliq B.V. to be completed by end of June 2012

– ‘War2Glory Mobile’ being launched for iPhone and Android

– Two more new mobile games being launched: ‘Rise to Fame’ and ‘Dragons vs. Unicorns’

– Outlook for the business year 2012 confirmed

Ben Bos joining the executive board of Bob Mobile AG

Ben Bos (50) has been appointed as the third member of the Bob Mobile executive board (Vorstand) and will be responsible for corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions. The appointment is a reflection of the agreed strategy to further continue Bob Mobile’s growth story based on organic as well as on non-organic growth. The other executive board members are the chairman Remco Westermann (finance and investor relations) and Luc Voncken (operations). Mr. Bos is an expert in the mobile telecoms and content business. Previously, he was Chairman of the supervisory board of Cliq B.V. and has over 10 years of experience as a corporate finance advisor. Earlier he has worked in leading positions in the media industry ( ID&T & Arcade Entertainment) as well as holding positions within the Jardine Matheson Group.

Integration of Cliq B.V. progressing according to plan: focus on two core business areas

The acquisition of 100% of the shares of Dutch mobile specialist Cliq B.V. and the acquisition of the remaining shares of Guerilla Mobile Berlin GmbH that were announced on November 14, 2011 were closed successfully in February 2012.

With the full operational integration almost completed, the business operations are now structured in two primary business units: ‘Freemium’ and ‘Premium’. Whereas in both business units games are the central growth driver, the business models are different. The ‘Premium’ business area concentrates on consumers who pay from day one, paying either for a single sale or achieving improved value for money with a subscription service. In the ‘Freemium’ business area, customers can, conversely, play for free after registering. The commercial returns in this ‘Freemium’ business model are based on a combination of item sales and advertising (e.g. lead generation, banner and video advertising). This operational split enables a clear focus of each of the two business units, while using synergies between the two business units and ensuring a consumer-centric approach.

The integration and optimization of the operational units as well as the integration of the technical infrastructure and platforms will be concluded before the end of June 2012 and enable substantial future cost savings whilst delivering a very strong operational and technical platform for growth. While Bob Mobile and Cliq together employed approx. 165 employees by the end of 2011, the strategic combination of Bob Mobile and Cliq being structured into two business units will reduce the number of FTE’s significantly to approx. 135 employees by the end of June 2012, proving already the substantial cost synergies of the combined companies. With the timing of the closing in mid February, the commercial integration of the companies started from that time and is on target.

Extension of the games portfolio: War2Glory Mobile, Dragons vs. Unicorns & Rise to Fame

The successful Freemium online game, ‘War2Glory’ currently available in 7 language versions, with over 3 million registered users is developing well. ‘War2Glory’ will by the end of June 2012 also be available on iPhone, iPod and iPad (German language version). ‘War2Glory Mobile’ for Android Phones will also follow soon in Q3 2012. ‘War2Glory Mobile’ is expected to become as successful as the PC version. The combination between the PC and the mobile versions is expected to give an additional impulse to growth.

The mobile game ‘SkiJump’ that is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and was recently launched for Android Phones is also performing well and has so far accomplished over 1 million downloads, including over 100.000 paid downloads and item sales (including selling virtual ski wax).

There are also several new games in the pipeline, in June the music RPG ‘Rise to Fame’ will be launched, a role play game where the gamer manages a rock band. ‘Rise to Fame’ will be made available for iPhone, iPad and Android in English and German. The game was signed as a revenue share deal with worldwide exclusivity. Additionally, in September the game ‘Dragons vs. Unicorns’ will be launched, the game will be made available for Apple, Android and PC.

Outlook business year 2012 confirmed, Annual figures 2011 and Q1 figures will be reported beginning of June

Final figures for 2011 are expected to be presented latest by the beginning of June 2012, as will the Q1 2012 figures. The company, with advice from the auditors, has decided to consolidate Cliq only from 2012 onwards, as a consolidation from November 2011 would have resulted in disproportional extra efforts and costs.

With the acquisition of Cliq B.V., Bob Mobile has substantially strengthened its market position. Clear cost savings are expected from the end of the second quarter onwards that will have a positive impact on the operational margin further in the year. The Executive Board of Bob Mobile confirms the targets for the business year 2012; while increasing revenues expectation to Euro 95 million, the Ebitda is expected to reach app. Euro 18 million.

About Bob Mobile AG:
Bob Mobile AG is a holding company focusing at Games and Mobile Entertainment, being based in Straelen, Germany. As leading marketer of mobile entertainment products for mobile phones, Bob Mobile has via its subsidiaries established direct-to consumer distribution in over 40 countries. From July 2010 onwards Bob Mobile is focusing on Online- and Mobile Games. In 2010 the first freemium multiplayer online game ‘War2Glory’ has been launched. Bob Mobile specializes in selling its products direct to consumer via the internet, mobile internet and TV. The Bob Mobile Group focuses on continuous profitable growth, organically via expansion into new countries and extension of the games portfolios as well as non-organically. In November 2011, the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Cliq B.V. was announced. Bob Mobile AG is listed in the Entry Standard.

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