July 2012

Games offensive under new umbrella brand “thumbr” – final figures for business year 2011 published

  • 03/07/2012

– New games umbrella-brand ‘thumbr – The Gaming Experience’

– thumbr.com has been launched as the central brand for freemium games

– Fully fledged thumbr portal will be available from mid of August

– Games offensive, a.o. ‘Rise to Fame,’ ‘War2Glory Mobile’, ‘Football Cup’, ‘Whacky Escape’, ‘Skyrise Runner’ and ‘Sheep Shack’

– Annual report 2011 published – positive Outlook

– Acquisition of Cliq B.V. and build-up of the business area freemium games strongly impact the financial statements

– Extraordinary effects due to withdrawal from Greece and selling Pink Adventure

– Positive outlook for 2012 and 2013

– Annual general shareholder meeting 24th August 2012

Bob Mobile AG (WKN A0HHJR, ISIN DE000A0HHJR3) 03.07.2012 – Bob Mobile continues its freemium games offensive with the launch of the new portal ‘thumbr.com’. Under the new freemium-umbrella brand ‘thumbr – The Gaming Experience’ a games offensive started in July 2012. The games will be ‘freemium’ games, that will be provided to the users for free either online or to be downloaded from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Revenues are generated by the company by item sale, upgrades and advertising.

‘We expect that the ,freemium’ area in addition to the successful ,premium’ model will become increasingly important. Bob Mobile AG is successfully developing from being a supplier of simple mobile products to a provider of attractive mobile and online games. Meanwhile ringtones have no longer relevance to our business and games already quantifies for over 55 percent of new customer sales, while other revenues are mainly generated by fun apps and quiz-games. More than 50 percent of the sales on mobile devices are for smartphones – which continue to increase strongly’, explains Remco Westermann, Chairman of the executive board of Bob Mobile AG. ‘Under the new umbrella brand ,thumbr’ we intend to expand our games offerings much further. The umbrella brand has the advantage of better marketability with a higher recognition value. It also provides additional cross-selling effects, thus increasing efficiency. All new releases in the freemium gaming area from now on will be launched under the new umbrella brand. As of mid August, the full fledge ,thumbr’ portal will be available with a wide choice of games as well as additional functionalities in the community area. Already successfully marketed games such as ,Ski Jump’ and ,War2Glory’ are gradually being integrated into ,thumbr’. In addition, Bob Mobile has several other mobile games in the pipeline to be launched soon under the brand ,thumbr”, Mr. Westermann continued.

The game-offensive started in July: A few days ago, the new iPhone music role-play game ‘Rise to Fame’ was launched and ‘War2Glory Mobile’, the mobile version of the successful online game will follow in August. In addition to the online football management game ‘Football Cup’ also following Mobile Games for iPhone resp. Android will be launched in the second half of 2012: the casual skill game ‘Whacky Escape’, the Jump & Run Distance Game ‘Skyrise Runner’ and the casual arcade game ‘Sheep Shack’.

Annual Report published in 2011, preliminary data confirmed, positive outlook

Bob Mobile AG has published its final audited consolidated financial results according to full IFRS for the full fiscal year 2011. The final figures fully match the preliminary figures that were published on 14 June. The past business year 2011 of the company was dedicated to important decisions in order to grow into a new dimension and gear the business model towards the attractive market segments. The Bob Mobile Group generated revenues of Euro 35.1 million in the business year 2011 (2010: Euro 40.7 million). This development was largely influenced by an almost full withdrawal from the Greek market and the exit from the activities of the adult entertainment subsidiary Pink Adventure AG. Excluding these extraordinary one-off effects Bob Mobile showed a revenue increase.

The adjusted consolidated group EBITDA, excluding merger costs of Euro 0.65 million amounts to EUR 0.35 million (2010: EUR 3.1 million). Due to write-offs of EUR 2.2 million the net result was EUR -2.5 million (2010: EUR 1.8 million). In addition to normal depreciation charges of EUR 0.8 million (2010: EUR 0.4 million) especially extraordinary write-offs of EUR 1.4 million influenced the result. The net profit after minority interests amounted to EUR -3.8 million (2010: EUR 1.3 million). The profit shares of the minorities (esp. Guerilla Mobile Berlin GmbH) cease in the business year 2012 as a result of the purchase of the respective minority shares.

Due to the good positioning in the fast-growing segment of mobile & online entertainment with a focus on (mobile) games in combination with the complete takeover of Cliq B.V. and the increase of the equity stake in Guerilla Mobile Berlin GmbH to 100%, the Bob Mobile executive board expects a substantial increase in revenues and earnings. The organizational and technical integration of Cliq B.V. was completed on schedule by the end of June 2012. From the second half of 2012 the acquisition related synergies will fully materialize and be reflected accordingly in the result. By the merger with Cliq B.V. and the establishment of the ‘freemium’ business unit, the Bob Mobile Group has achieved a strong market position, especially in Europe, and is from today’s perspective well positioned for profitable growth in 2012 and 2013.

The 2011’s consolidated results of Bob Mobile AG are based on first-time adoption of Full IFRS and have been certified by the auditing firm Mazars. The complete annual report 2011 is available in German for download on www.bobmobile.ag or can be ordered as a printed version from the Bob Mobile AG. An English version of the annual report will be made available soon.

2012 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
The Annual General Shareholders Meeting of Bob Mobile AG will take place on 24 August 2012 in Düsseldorf. Executive Board and Supervisory Board will propose to the Annual General Meeting, to carry forward the balance sheet profit to new account. ‘Bob Mobile is primarily a growth company. Due to the high investments in the build-up of the Games- & Freemium-area and taking into account the loan for the acquisition of the Cliq B.V., we refrain from paying dividends for fiscal year 2011, in order to strengthen the substance of company. We trust that it is in the interest of the shareholders to strengthen the company in the long-term and invest in further growth.’, said CEO Remco Westermann.

About Bob Mobile AG:
Bob Mobile AG is a leading provider of gaming and mobile entertainment with its headquarters in Straelen. As a leading marketer and publisher of games and other mobile services, the group has commercial activities in over 40 countries, predominantly through direct sales to consumers. Since July 2010, Bob Mobile AG is building up the area of freemium online games. In 2010 Bob launched the first multiplayer online game, ‘War2Glory’. Bob Mobile specializes in the direct consumer marketing of its products through Internet, Mobile Internet and TV. In February 2012 the acquisition of the Cliq BV was completed, which has resulted in substantial non-organic growth. The Bob Mobile Group is focusing on continued profitable growth both organically (by expanding the portfolio of games and expansion into new countries) and through acquisitions. Bob Mobile AG is listed on the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock exchange.

Contact Bob Mobile AG:
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D-47638 Straelen
Telephone: +49 (0) 2834 9429209
Telefax: +49 (0) 2834 46299409
Email: investor@bobmobile.com
Internet: www.bobmobile.ag

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