July 2013

Cliq Digital AG publishes 2012 Annual Report

  • 01/07/2013

– Pro forma revenues for full year 2012 EUR 69 million and an operative
EBITDA of EUR 11 million (in accordance with the preliminary published
– Net result at EUR -3.6 million mainly due to amortizations on customer
base and a positive operational cash flow of EUR 7.2 million
– 2013 guidance with expected EBITDA of EUR 11.5 million and expected net
result of EUR 3.0 million

Dusseldorf, July 1, 2013 – Cliq Digital AG, a leading provider of mobile
games, apps, software and entertainment content, has published its Annual
Report 2012 and the audited group consolidated financial statements, in
accordance with the announced preliminary pro forma figures.

On February 21, 2013 we announced a preliminary pro forma operative EBITDA
of EUR 11 million. In accordance with IFRS, Cliq B.V. is consolidated for
eleven months from February to December 2012. Excluding the EBITDA of Cliq
B.V. in January 2012 of EUR 0.9 million it is in line with the final EBITDA
of EUR 8.5 million, taking into account EUR 1.6 million one-off costs.
Reported preliminary pro forma revenues amounted to EUR 69 million, which
includes the revenues of Cliq B.V. in January 2012 of EUR 3 million.

The revenues stated in the annual report amounted to EUR 66 million in 2012
which is an increase of 89% over the previous year. Amortizations on the
Cliq B.V. customer database, with a negative net impact of EUR 6.1 million,
led to a negative net result of EUR -3.6 million. The amortizations
significantly lowered in the course of 2012 resulting in a positive net
result of EUR 0.4 million in the fourth quarter. Operational cash flow for
2012 amounted up to EUR 7.2 million.

Luc Voncken, CEO of Cliq Digital, explains: ‘Most of the expected
advantages, which were major reasons for our merger with Cliq B.V. have
already proven to be essential for the company. We can even say that
without the merger the company would have faced challenging times. By Bob
doing the merger with Cliq B.V. the internationalization of sales made a
big step forward. The better risk distribution has mitigated the revenue
declines in some countries by growing on other international – especially
non-European – markets.’

In the 2013 financial year Cliq Digital expects to reach revenues of EUR 70
million and an EBITDA of approximately EUR 11.5 million and further
reducing of the debt. The negative net effect on the result of the
amortization on the customer base will be reduced to EUR 2.2 million in
2013. CLIQ expects a positive net result of approx. EUR 3.0 million in
2013. The company is well positioned to realize organic growth through
activities in existing countries, by entering new markets and by
introducing new products for mobile devices. The guidance includes some
minor acquisition opportunities as well as new smart partnerships, although
these are generally subject to certain risks with respect to their
implementation period.

The Annual Report 2012 is available for download at

About CLIQ Digital:
CLIQ Digital AG (CLIQ:GR; ISIN DE000A0HHJR3), based in Dusseldorf, Germany,
is a leading provider of mobile games, apps, software and entertainment
content. CLIQ Digital markets content in over 50 countries, especially by
way of its direct sales to end customers. The company was founded as Bob
Mobile AG in 2005. A decisive growth step was taken in 2012 with the
acquisition of Dutch company CLIQ B.V., which provided the name of the
newly positioned Group. The company is listed in the Entry Standard of the
Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Visit CLIQ on: www.cliqdigital.com

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