June 2016

CLIQ Digital AG publishes audited consolidated annual financial statements for the 2015 fiscal year and confirms forecast for 2016

  • 30/06/2016

– Year-end 2015 figures confirmed by auditor in line with the preliminary results published May 9, 2016
– Revenue increased in 2015 by 17.7% to EUR 55.7 million (2014: EUR 47.3 million)
– EBITDA rose significantly in 2015 by 73.5% to EUR 20.0 million (2014: EUR 11.5 million)
– 2016 forecast confirmed: double-digit growth rates in revenue, EBITDA and net profit expected for the full year

Düsseldorf, June 30, 2016 – CLIQ Digital AG (ISIN DE000A0HHJR3, WKN A0HHJR), a leading sales and marketing organization for digital products with its own payment platform, today publishes its audited consolidated annual financial statements for the 2015 fiscal year and information on the 2016 forecast.

Revenue and earnings development in 2015
Thanks to clearly increased marketing expenses, CLIQ Digital Group succeeded in raising revenue by 17.7% to EUR 55.7 million in the 2015 fiscal year (2014: EUR 47.3 million). Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) rose significantly by 73.5% year-on-year to EUR 20.0 million in 2015 (2014: EUR 11.5 million). Adjusted EBITDA (EBITDA -/- Amortization and Impairment of Capitalized Customer Acquisition Costs) increased from EUR 2.2 million in 2014 to EUR 4.6 million in 2015. Net result increased by 30.4% to EUR 1.4 million in 2015 (2014: EUR 1.0 million). The lesser increase in net result compared to EBITDA in 2015 is primarily due to a one-off depreciation of current assets. Cumulative earnings per share (EPS) improved in 2015 to EUR 0.22 (2014: EUR 0.17). EUR 17.5 million was invested in marketing during 2015, representing an increase of 28.3% compared to 2014. The positive overall development of the CLIQ Digital Group is particularly pleasing considering the uncertainties in the Mexico region, which in 2015 led to the discontinuation of the Group’s local business activities.

Development of KPI’s in 2015
Due to the shift to a stronger focus on the markets where relatively high ARPU’s (average net revenue per user) can be generated, the profitability of the Group increased significantly in 2015. The ARPU rose significantly to EUR 10.80 in 2015 (2014: EUR 5.91). Also, the CPA indicator (costs per acquisition) recorded a significant increase from EUR 4.37 in 2014 to EUR 7.74 in 2015. The ARPU to CPA ratio, one of the key factors in assessing the profitability of new customer business, improved further from 1.35 in 2014 to 1.40 in 2015. At the same time, there was also an increase in the customer base value of 28.0% to EUR 19 million compared to EUR 15 million by the end of 2014. The customer base value is an important figure for the expected net revenue that will be generated by the existing customers.

Balance sheet 2015
In 2015 CLIQ Digital generated a cash flow from its operating business of EUR 18.2 million (2014: EUR 9.2 million). As of 31 December 2015, the Group reported consolidated equity of EUR 40.7 million (2014: EUR 39.2 million). The company’s share capital amounts to EUR 6,188,714.00, which consists of 6,188,714 listed shares.

Outlook 2016
CLIQ Digital AG made a good start in the current fiscal year and kept marketing spend in the first quarter of 2016 at the level of the traditionally strong fourth quarter of the previous year. For the whole year 2016 CLIQ Digital AG expects an increase in marketing spend compared to the period under review. Furthermore, the positive development in the past financial year shows that the CLIQ Digital Group has implemented a strategy to enable double-digit growth, but is also capable of dealing with setbacks as seen in 2015, by anticipating on such market developments. Geographically CLIQ Digital is focused on regions with a high ARPU and attractive margins. “This gives us confidence with regard to the further development of the Group. For the current financial year, we once again anticipate a double-digit growth rates for revenue and profits”, commented the Management Board.

The audited consolidated annual report 2015 of CLIQ Digital AG is available for download in the investor relations section under https://www.cliqdigital.com.


About CLIQ Digital:

CLIQ Digital is a leading sales and marketing organization for digital products with it’s own payment platform. The core business of the Group is the direct marketing and billing of its products to end-customers via online- and mobile-marketing channels. CLIQ Digital offers its customers attractive products and is a valuable strategic business partner for networks, developers, publishers and advertisers. The Group, based in Dusseldorf employs approximately 85 staff and is listed in the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN DE000A0HHJR3).


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