In today’s digital landscape, strategic partnerships are increasingly important for achieving sustainable growth and innovation. The collaboration between CLIQ and Undabot, a proficient mobile and web solutions provider, is a prime example of how combining strengths can lead to significant advancements in the industry.

Founded in 2013, Undabot is a provider of custom mobile and web solutions. The company’s expertise in digital development provides a solid foundation for its partnership with CLIQ and serves as an example of effective collaboration in the digital sector. It is exciting to see how our focus on quality and Undabot’s commitment to technological excellence converge. This allows us to build on a mutual understanding of continuous improvement and the exploration of new ideas, establishing a strong and effective collaboration.

This, in turn, brings tangible short-term and long-term advantages. CLIQ contributes its in-depth understanding of streaming services, while Undabot adds its expertise in digital product development. This combination not only improves market position but also leads to better resource management and technology integration.

A clear indicator of the success of our partnership is the definition of the MVP’s (Minimum Viable Product) scope for, which includes functional scope, project priorities, and app features for both iOS and Android platforms. Once we wrapped up the Solution design phase, we developed the MVP through a Dedicated Team model using Agile methodologies.

For both companies, this collaboration supports efforts in the development of new projects and challenges conventional industry approaches, as well as international growth and technological advancement, in line with our goals for innovation.

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