Winter is the season of frosty mornings and cosy nights. Or in other words: it’s the perfect time to cosy up and enjoy some top-notch streaming content on Cliq. Whether you’re wrapped in a blanket with a hot drink in hand or sitting by the fireplace, winter is THE streaming season!

We understand that everyone has their own unique taste when it comes to winter entertainment. Are you rather a Movie Buff, a Melody Lover, an Audiobook Adventurer, a Gaming Guru, or a Sports Enthusiast? Take our entertaining quiz and discover your ideal winter-streaming content category!

1. What’s your ideal winter evening like?

A) Curling up with a good film.
B) Listening to music while watching the snowfall.
C) Getting lost in a captivating story through my headphones.
D) Engaging in a thrilling video game.
E) Cheering for my favourite sports team.

2. What’s your favourite winter accessory?

A) A cosy blanket for movie nights.
B) High-quality headphones for crystal-clear sound.
C) A reliable e-reader or audiobook device.
D) The latest gaming console or PC setup.
E) Sports merchandise of my favourite team.

3. Which winter snack do you prefer?

A) Classic popcorn for movie marathons.
B) Hot chocolate, the perfect companion for music listening.
C) Tea and biscuits, ideal for audiobook sessions.
D) Quick snacks that I can eat while gaming.
E) Something energising to keep up with the sports action.

4. What’s your preferred way to relax in winter?

A) Watching a gripping film.
B) Enjoying soul-soothing music.
C) Immersing myself in a good audiobook.
D) Playing an exciting video game.
E) Watching an intense sports match.

5. If you were to plan a winter-themed evening for friends, what would it include?

A) A movie marathon night.
B) A big party with my favourite music.
C) An audiobook listening session with a discussion.
D) A gaming tournament.
E) Watching a big sports game together.

Now that you have answered all the questions, it is time to find out which content category suits you best this winter. Just tally up your answers, check which option you picked the most and find out what content is yours! One thing for sure: on you find it all!

A. Movie Buff

You find the magic of cinema irresistible. Winter is your season to explore different genres, from heart-warming romances to edge-of-your-seat thrillers. For you, there’s nothing better than a movie night to escape the cold.

Our Cliq winter highlight for Movie Buffs: Wind River.

B. Melody Lover

Your winter is incomplete without the perfect soundtrack. Whether it’s soothing classical tunes or upbeat pop songs, music sets the tone for your winter wonderland.

Our Cliq winter highlight for Melody Lovers: Adele – Glastonbury Festival.

C. Audiobook Adventurer

Dive into another world with the power of storytelling. You love the way audiobooks transform long winter nights into an adventure, offering everything from mystery thrillers to heartwarming tales.

Our Cliq winter highlight for Audiobook Adventurers: The Other Name.

D. Gaming Guru

For you, winter is a time to conquer new worlds and embark on thrilling adventures, all from the comfort of your gaming chair. Your dedication and skills shine brightest in these colder months.

Our Cliq winter highlight for Gaming Gurus: Snow – The Ultimate Edition.

E. Sports Enthusiast

The thrill of the game keeps you warm during the chilly season. Be it football, basketball, or any other sport, you’re always up for live matches and discussions about your favourite teams and athletes.

Our Cliq winter highlight for Sports Enthusiasts: Sport1+.

We hope this quiz helps you find the perfect way to enjoy your winter evenings. Happy streaming, and remember, on, the best of films, music, audiobooks, games, and sports are just a click away.

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