Are you constantly on the hunt for the ultimate gaming experience with a selection of hundreds of games through cloud gaming on all devices? In the world of gaming, the choices are as vast as the virtual worlds they represent. From epic adventures to strategic battles, the gaming universe offers something for everyone. But with such a wide range of options, how do you find the games that really resonate with you? On our flagship streaming service, you’ll find a wide range of games for every taste.

To make your Cliq gaming journey even more exciting, we’ve crafted a fun and easy quiz to unveil which type of gamer you are. Are you an Adventure Enthusiast, a Strategy Mastermind, a Casual Gamer, or a Competitive Challenger? Dive in and find out!

Remember, there’s no right or wrong here. It’s all about what makes your gamer’s heart beat faster.

1. What do you look for most in a game?

A) An epic storyline and immersive world.
B) A challenge that tests my strategic thinking.
C) Quick and easy fun to pass the time.
D) A chance to compete and prove my skills.

2. How do you feel about in-game challenges?

A) I love challenges that are tied to the story and character progression.
B) I prefer challenges that require strategic planning and foresight.
C) I like challenges that I can quickly overcome and move on.
D) I thrive on challenges that pit me against other players.

3. What’s your preferred setting for a game?

A) An open world with lore and legends.
B) Historical or futuristic scenarios where I can shape civilizations.
C) Fun and colourful worlds that are easy to navigate.
D) Competitive arenas or battlegrounds.

4. How do you usually choose your next game?

A) Based on the storyline or the genre I enjoy.
B) Based on the challenges and strategic elements it offers.
C) Whatever is popular or has good reviews.
D) Based on its competitive aspects or ranking system.

5. How do you feel about multiplayer modes?

A) They’re not really for me since I like to play alone and focus on my character.
B) I like them if they involve team strategy and coordination.
C) They’re fun for occasional casual play with friends.
D) I love them, especially if there’s a competitive ranking system.

Now that you have answered all the questions, it is time to find out which kind of gamer you are. Just tally up your answers, check which option you picked the most and decode your gaming DNA. Of course, you can also be a mix of multiple types of gamers.

A. Adventure Enthusiast

You love to immerse yourself in rich storylines, explore new worlds, and embark on epic quests. You appreciate intricate narratives, character development, and the freedom to make choices that impact the game’s outcome.

Our Cliq content tip for Adventure Enthusiasts: Metro: Exodus

B. Strategy Mastermind

You are a gamer who enjoys planning, thinking ahead, and making tactical decisions. You are drawn to games that challenge your intellect and require careful consideration of every move.

Our Cliq content tip for Strategy Masterminds: Worms W.M.D

C. Casual Gamer

You are here for a good time, not a long time. You enjoy games that offer quick bursts of fun, whether it’s a simple puzzle game or a mobile app you can play on the go.

Our Cliq content tip for Casual Gamers: Overcooked!

D. Competitive Challenger

You thrive on competition and enjoy testing your skills against other players. You are drawn to multiplayer games, eSports, and any game where you can climb the ranks and prove your prowess.

Our Cliq content tip for Competitive Challengers: Garfield Kart – Furious Racing

With your newfound knowledge, we hope you’ll dive into games that resonate with your unique style. Remember, gaming is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy every quest, battle, and achievement. If you are in the mood for even more gaming fun, our flagship streaming service Cliq offers a wide range of games for every type of gamer. Happy gaming!

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