Halloween’s eerie whispers are in the air, and what better way to celebrate than with tales that send shivers down your spine? On our flagship streaming service Cliq, you can find a wide selection of content from games to films for all your Halloween needs. In this article, we’ve curated a mix of content that tells spooky stories and magical escapades that’ll set the mood just right. So, light a candle, gather your treats, and let the Halloween binge-watching begin on www.cliq.de!


Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night

Dive into the creepy mysteries of Tokyo as Koichi and his sister Haruka unveil the dark secrets lurking in their family home. Since Haruka had an unfortunate accident in the U.S., unsettling events begin to occur. Desperate to understand, Koichi secretly places cameras throughout their house, hoping to glimpse the unexplainable. What he discovers, however, is far more terrifying than he ever imagined. This film will make you question every creak and shadow in your own home, an ideal watch for those dark and stormy Halloween nights.



Looking to add a bit of humour to your Halloween gaming line-up? “Skelattack” is an action-packed jump-and-run game that takes you on a whimsical journey through the Underworld. You play as a charming skeleton who, along with your best bat-friend Imber, must save your spooky home from invading humans. With its witty dialogues, vibrant graphics, and engaging gameplay, “Skelattack” offers a lighter take on the Halloween theme. It’s the perfect game to enjoy a few laughs while still getting a dose of adventure and excitement.


Winx Club – The Mystery of the Abyss

Have you got kids or simply a fan of animated tales? Immerse yourself in a magical underwater world with the Winx Club. As tutors at the Alfea School for Fairies, the beloved Winx fairies face off against their old foes, the Trix, who aim to seize the throne. But in doing so, they unintentionally awaken Politea, a wicked nymph ready to join forces with the Trix. Adventure, suspense, and magic – this one’s a perfect option for a Halloween family film night.



If movies aren’t your thing and you prefer an auditory experience, immerse yourself in the haunting world of “Gruselkabinett”. This audiobook series, crafted by Theodor Hildebrand, takes listeners on a riveting journey into the deepest, darkest realms of horror and imagination. With over 20 parts available on Cliq, your spine-tingling listening needs for October are more than catered to.



If you’re craving a tense thriller that veers into the realms of horror, “Pledges” is a must-watch this Halloween. Imagine being blindfolded, barely dressed, and left stranded in a forest as part of a hazing ritual for joining an elite student society. Six young people find themselves in this exact nightmare scenario, under the watchful eyes of their “hosts.” High-stakes tension, unpredictable twists, and the chilling forest setting make this a top pick for anyone looking to ramp up the scares this Halloween.

In case you are in the mood for more Halloween content but don’t know what content to stream, take a look at our Halloween content quiz. By answering just a few questions, you can find out what type of Halloween persona you are and what content will give you the perfect spooky night!

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