As the temperatures drop and days get shorter, the anticipation of Halloween starts brewing in every corner. Whether it’s the horror stories that send shivers down our spine, the creative costumes, or the old-school trick-or-treating, Halloween has a lot to offer for everyone.

To round off this mysterious atmosphere perfectly, the only thing missing is the right entertainment. Whether you want to watch horror movies with friends, dive into the world of crime audiobooks or maybe even face your fear of horror games: On our flagship streaming service Cliq, you can find everything you need to get yourself fully into the Halloween mood this month.

And don’t be afraid, you don’t have to find the content with pure luck. We’ve created this spine-tingling quiz to help you unveil your Halloween streaming persona. Are you a Halloween Grouch, a Horror Hero, a Costume Connoisseur, or a Retro Reveller? Get ready to carve out your Halloween content type!

1. When you think of Halloween, which of the following excites you the most?

A) The fact that it’s just another day.
B) The eerie atmosphere that comes with spooky games and tales.
C) The creativity displayed through costumes.
D) The age-old traditions like carving pumpkins.

2. How do you usually prepare for Halloween?

A) I don’t really. Maybe buy some snacks for a quiet night in.
B) Download the latest horror games or set up a gaming marathon with friends.
C) Search for costume inspiration and work on creating a unique outfit.
D) Decorate my house with traditional Halloween decorations and stock up on candy.

3. If you had to choose, which of the following Halloween activities would you prefer?

A) Staying in and avoiding the Halloween frenzy.
B) Engaging in a spine-chilling gaming session.
C) Heading to a costume contest or hosting a costume-themed party.
D) Participating in community trick-or-treating or visiting a haunted house.

4. How do you react when you see Halloween decorations starting to pop up in stores?

A) Indifferent, it’s just another day for me.
B) Excited for the eerie atmosphere and spooky games.
C) Inspired to start planning my costume.
D) Happy that the season of traditions is around the corner.

5. What’s your go-to Halloween tradition?

A) Avoiding the Halloween fuss and relaxing at home.
B) Exploring haunted house games or other horror games experiences.
C) Creating or admiring innovative costumes.
D) Carving pumpkins and decorating my space with Halloween classics.

Gathered your answers? It’s time to unveil which eerie alley of Halloween you gravitate towards:

A. Halloween Grouch

If the mere mention of Halloween makes you roll your eyes, you’re definitely a Halloween Grouch. While others are out revelling in the ghostly festivities, you’d much rather retreat to the comfort of your couch and spend the night watching your favourite content.

Our Cliq Fright Night recommendation for Halloween Grouches: Dirty Games – An interesting watch for a quiet night in!

B. Horror Hero

When Halloween knocks with its eerie whisper, you’re the first to leap into the abyss of spooky adventures. Armed with a gaming console, you delve into the realms of horror without flinching.

Our Fright Night recommendation for Horror Heroes: True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1 – Become the hero you are meant to be!

C. Costume Connoisseur

For you, Halloween is a canvas of creativity, waiting to be adorned with innovative costumes. The sight of ghoulish makeup and eerie outfits gets your heart racing. You thrive in the Halloween limelight, turning heads with your costume ingenuity.

Our Fright Night recommendation for Costume Connoisseurs: Sia – The Metro Theatre, Sydney. Get inspired by Sia’s extravagant outfits!

D. Retro Reveller

Tradition is your middle name when it comes to Halloween. The haunted house, and the age-old tradition of trick-or-treating resonate with your soul. You revel in the timeless essence of Halloween, cherishing each ghostly giggle and every Jack O’Lantern’s grin.

Our Fright Night recommendation for Retro Revellers: Scream 4 – An absolute Halloween classic!

Your Halloween persona is your gateway to a hauntingly memorable celebration. Whether you’re evading the spooks or embracing the chills, we hope this quiz helps you unearth the ghostly giggles or eerie excitements that Halloween holds for you. Happy Haunting!

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