Nestled in a tranquil forest, a secluded luxury villa turns into a stage for the reality TV show LIKE US – NEXT LEVEL, exclusively available on Cliq since October 11. Eleven celebrated influencers shed their filters and social media personas for ten days to embark on a reality adventure far away from TikTok and Instagram. The influencers and TV personalities compete in various challenges for the main prize of the show – their own show on Cliq. But over time, it turns out that the real challenge is something entirely different. Besides fun, teamwork, and new friendships, many prominent egos under one roof provide one thing in particular: drama!

The new show is hosted by Sara Dastjani. Sara commutes between Germany and L.A. and is active as an actress, author, and in the music business. In LIKE US – NEXT LEVEL, she is the host of the show and presents the contestants with exciting new challenges every day, such as a night in the wilderness, white-water rafting, or a daring helicopter flight.

The candidates of the reality show are content creators like Marcel Dähne alias KS Freak, former Love Island contestants Julia Oemler and Jules Eliana, former DSDS contestant Aline Bachmann, TikToker Julyan Pohl, former Berlin Tag & Nacht actress Nathalie Bleicher-Woth, Maximilian Knab alias Pizzaboy Max, influencer Celina alias neverbaby_26, and TV personalities and former TV couple Marlisa and Fabio. As special guests, TikToker Marvin Holm and TV entertainer Sam Dylan are moving into the villa.

Since October 11th, 2023, viewers can enjoy a double dose of reality TV every Wednesday at 12 PM, exclusively on our flagship streaming service Cliq. With a total of 12 episodes in store, they can dive into the unscripted world LIKE US – NEXT LEVEL.

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