Since April 2023, the first TV campaign for our new flagship streaming service Cliq ( for the German market has been on air, developed in collaboration with our lead agency The&Partnership Germany. The various spots humorously show that Cliq offers the “best of alles” (best of everything) for the whole family: movies, series, music, sports, audiobooks, and games. The new Cliq-TV campaign features the Schmidt family. In this article, we get to know the five of them and their favourite content categories a little bit better!

Money can sometimes be tight for the Schmidt family. As a real movie buff and the family’s remote-control operator, father Udo was particularly proud when he discovered the new streaming service Cliq: For only €6.99 per month (and cancellable at any time), Cliq offers five content categories to enjoy. What could be better than making the whole family happy for a small price? Since then, mother Birgit usually dances to her favourite playlist in the kitchen, and father Udo is completely captivated by the most exciting blockbusters, it’s his way to relax. Daughter Emma, the passionate gamer, plays video games, son Marco relaxes with fantasy audiobooks, and Grandpa won’t miss a sports broadcast while sitting in his cosy armchair.

Father Udo – The Remote Control Operator

Family man Udo has been a real movie and series freak since his youth. No movies, no Udo! Together with his wife Birgit, they’re 2 children Emma and Marco, and his father-in-law, he lives the typical family madness. Udo unwinds best while streaming movies and series. And with Cliq, he has found the perfect offer for the whole family.

Mother Birgit – The Playlist Fan

Mother Birgit keeps everything running as the family manager – a true multitasking talent! Birgit loves music – it helps her to relax from the stressful everyday life. Her taste in music is diverse… whether it’s classical, party-80s, or heavy metal rock – depending on her mood, there’s always something for Birgit to listen to. With Cliq’s Music Stations, Birgit is accompanied in her everyday life, whether on her way back from work, doing chores, shopping, or relaxing in the garden.

Daughter Emma – The Gamer Queen

Teenager Emma knows exactly what she wants. Emma is not the stereotypical girl. Even when she was a child, playing soccer or gaming was much more her thing. Gaming remains her great passion to this day. Especially when she’s annoyed by her little brother, her overprotective mother, her “uncool” father, or her sports-fanatic grandfather. On Cliq, Emma can explore the diverse world of games!

Son Marco – The Dreamcatcher

Teenager Marco is the sensitive soul of the family. While his family is rather loud and direct, Marco prefers solitude and diving into fantasy worlds. He loves audiobooks and uses this medium to relax, educate himself, or simply enjoy some peace and quiet – all thanks to noise-cancelling headphones. On Cliq, Marco is able to access a wide selection of German and English audiobooks.

Grandpa – The Head Coach

Grandpa has a favourite hobby: sports! Or to be more precise: watching and commenting on sports. In his eyes, his son-in-law Udo rarely does anything right. But, Grandpa thinks that Udo hit the bull’s eye with Cliq. For Grandpa, nothing is better than watching the latest games sitting in his armchair and loudly commenting on them. Grandpa is convinced that he knows better than the sports coaches on TV, and he doesn’t shy away from sharing his opinion while watching competitions.

Our Cliq family can be experienced on-screen since April of this year, with the campaign running nationwide on German television. It is also extended digitally and on Social Media channels.

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The creators of the launch campaign:


Luc Voncken, CEO

George Ursateanu, Managing Director

Stephan Gonnissen, Marketing Manager

Marc Wisselo, Head of Programming Cliq

Mattijn van den Westen, Brand Owner Cliq

Sophie Siekmann, Head of Communications

Roxana Hopf, Communications Manager


Creative Client Lead: Marco Köditz

Account Director: Yvonne Baumann

Head of Strategy & Social Media: Sarah Mooslechner

Creative Director: Dirk Schmidt

Executive Creative Director: Tim Jacobs

Senior Creative Artists: David Solbach, Udo Schäfer

Head of Production: Georg Hofer von Lobenstein Senior

Content Strategist & Creator: Marcel Parcharidis


Director: Justin Izumi

DOP: Mario Krause

1stAD: Steven Williams

Production Design: ven Geßner

Styling: Nina Boucherie

MakeUp Artist: Ara Decker


Executive Producer: Zuiderhoek

Producer: Carina Susen

PA: Johanna Schmidt


Editing: Hannes Andresen

Grading: Mai Lasan


Sohn: Camillo Guthmann

Tochter: Emilie Rudolph

Opa: Michael R. Scholze

Mutter: Charlotte Neef

Vater: Sven Hussock

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