The music industry has undergone rapid changes in the last few years, with digital streaming making music more accessible. But as we get access to an infinite amount of music, it is also becoming harder to pinpoint what music we like, and especially why we like it. We strive to make streaming easy and accessible to everyone by offering a bundled streaming service for movies & series, music, audiobooks, sports, and games. However, understanding your own music preferences can be difficult, no matter how easy the streaming service is.

Our goal is to help you navigate the ever-growing music landscape and save you the time that is usually spent scrolling through endless amounts of playlists to find just the right one. While our Music Stations on make streaming music pretty simple, we thought it’s time for this fun and easy quiz for you to find out which type of music listener you are. All you need to do is take the quiz, count if you picked A, B, C, or D the most and find out below if you are a Trendsetter, Devotee, Explorer, or Nostalgic. Enjoy!

1. How do you usually find new music?

A) I always check the newest releases and latest charts.
B) Whenever one of my favourite artists releases new music.
C) I try out a lot of playlists from different genres.
D) I look for songs that I have not listened to in a while.

2. Which of these options do you identify most with?

A) A playlist full of the newest hits and latest chart toppers / Fresh Hits on Cliq.
B) A concert recording of my favourite artist / Beyonce – Live at Coachella on Cliq.
C) A playlist with lots of songs I haven’t heard before / Alternative on Cliq.
D) A decade-themed playlist from my childhood. / Feel the Love: 80er Jahre on Cliq.

3. When talking to your friends about music, you usually…

A) Share the latest songs and artists you have discovered.
B) Try to convince your friends of your favourite artist.
C) Recommend many different kinds of music based on your friend’s tastes.
D) Reminisce about old music from your past and the memories attached to it.

4. What does your perfect music-themed vacation look like?

A) Attending a festival with the newest and biggest artists in the world.
B) Travelling to see my favourite artist perform in a special venue.
C) A round trip, exploring music cultures around the world.
D) Visiting iconic music landmarks like Woodstock or Abbey Road.

5. Which description fits the role of music in your life best?

A) It is a way for me to feel connected to the current trends and culture.
B) It serves as a soundtrack to my life and gives me a sense of continuity.
C) It is an avenue to explore new cultures and expand my horizon.
D) It gives me a sense of comfort by linking me to my favourite memories.

Good Job! Now it’s time to find out what type of music listener you are. Just count which answer options you picked the most and find the corresponding listener type below. Of course, you can also be a mix of several listener types.

A. The Trendsetter

You like staying on top of the latest and greatest music. You’re always a step ahead of the curve and love discovering the newest music before it goes mainstream. You are often the first to share your finds with friends and family and enjoy playlists that showcase the newest artists and releases.

B. The Devotee

You have a deep connection to your favourite artists and genres. You enjoy seeing your favourite artists develop and feel like they’re part of your journey. You’re dedicated to your favourite musicians and tend to follow their careers closely.

C. The Explorer

You have a diverse taste in music and enjoy exploring various genres and styles. You appreciate the unique aspects of different types of music and often listen to playlists that blend seemingly unrelated genres. You are always open to new experiences and enjoy the surprise of finding an unexpected musical gem.

D. The Nostalgic

You have a strong emotional connection to the music from your past. You enjoy revisiting the songs and artists that have shaped your life and often associate specific songs with important memories. You tend to listen to “throwback” playlists or tune in to your favourite songs from decades ago.

We hope this quiz will help you understand your music preferences – our curated Cliq Music Stations are waiting for you!

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