In the last few years, digital streaming has turned the media landscape on its head. With all the new options and ways to consume content, it can sometimes be hard to choose. At CLIQ, we strive to make streaming easy and accessible to everyone by offering a bundled, all-in-one streaming service. Of course, regardless of how easy the streaming service is, it’s always good to have a sense of what kind of content you like. But with the sheer number of movies and shows, it’s sometimes hard to identify what you might like.

We want to help you navigate the streaming landscape and minimise the time you spend browsing for the right content to stream. That’s why we’ve created this fun, quick and easy quiz to determine what type of streamer you are. Did you choose A, B C or D most often? Count your answers and find out below if you are a Classic Streamer, Therapeutic Streamer, Movie Buff or Binge-Watcher.

1. It’s Saturday night and you’re home alone… what are you most likely to watch?

2. At what times during the day and for how long do you usually stream content?

3. Why do you mostly use streaming services?

4. Which of these is your favourite time to stream content?

Now that you have answered all the questions, it is time to find out which kind of streaming type you are. Just count which option you picked the most and that is your streaming type. You could also be a mix of multiple categories:

A. Binge-Watcher

You like watching a lot of content. You could easily spend an entire weekend watching a series from start to finish. You’re most interested in long-form content that plays out over multiple seasons with many intricate storylines. Once you’ve been hooked into a series, there is no stopping you until you have finished it.

B. Movie Buff

You like to learn from your content. That does not mean that you only watch documentaries, but you like content that is topical and challenging. For you, a good movie makes you feel intense feelings. Whether they are negative or positive is secondary.

C. Therapeutic Streamer

You stream to relax. Your favourite content lets you escape for a while without being too “high-brow.” You like rewatching old classics as well as the newest superhero movies. Streaming for you is a way to calm down from the everyday stress of regular life.

D. Classic Streamer

You like the togetherness of traditional TV, and you combine it with the variety of digital streaming. You usually stream at set times and enjoy it the most when you are with your friends or family. You like content that is easy-going and does not always require your full attention.

We hope that this quiz will help you navigate the endless options of digital streaming and make picking the right content to watch a little easier!

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