Let’s have a look at our London office. Located in West London, it presents a comforting contrast to the hustle and bustle of one of London’s most exclusive areas and is somewhere our CLIQ London team can learn and grow.

Our London office is nestled in the Shepherds Bush area, in West London – a neighbourhood with a rich history. Its name originated in the 1600s, as shepherds rested their flocks in the bushes on the way to the local market. It later became a hub for the arts where all types of performers (including Charlie Chaplin), showcased their talents. Today, you can find high-end shopping options, galleries and museums around the corner, as well as the BBC studios, the ever famous Soho House, the trendy Hoxton’s and the 02 Empire (concerts take place here) which adds an extra pizazz and buzz to an already unique and creative area.

The CLIQ office is in the Shepherds Building, which was previously home to the creators and writers of “Black Mirror” and other famous TV productions. Due to being close to the BBC Studios and the Soho House, it is not uncommon to spot some famous people strolling about. Jack Whitehall, Sia, Jeremy Clarkson, Dizzy Rascal, and Louis Theroux are among the celebrities that Cliqers have spotted in the cafeteria.

The office embodies CLIQ’s values of professionalism, kindness, and innovation and the environment is designed to create a cosy atmosphere that inspires new ideas. It is filled with photographs from our years of operation, from business trips to events out – we have everything documented to share with our visitors. Colourful neon signs of our flagship streaming service www.cliq.de light up the board room wall and of course we have lots of plants. You can find a little bit of every team member’s home in our quirky London office. During lunch, the team likes to play PlayStation 5 or karaoke!

Everyone is welcome at the office and the team encourage each other to be themselves and express themselves freely without judgment – a culture we strive for in every one of our CLIQ locations.

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