Several financial analysts cover the CLIQ Digital AG and publish earnings estimates based on their own analyses. On this website we provide an overview of this research. CLIQ Digital AG cannot guarantee or otherwise be responsible for the accuracy, completeness or topicality of the assessments or their presentation. The assessments or recommendations developed by the analysts solely represent the opinion of these analysts and do not represent the opinion, assessments or forecasts of the CLIQ Digital AG. The overview serves as non-binding information only and is by no means to be understood as a solicitation or advertising to buy, sell or hold shares of CLIQ Digital. Any responsibility or liability of CLIQ Digital AG for damage to third parties arising from the non-binding information on this website is, therefore, excluded.
Below you can find the reports and research of the analysts following CLIQ Digital



Date Source Title
06-07-2020 Quirin Strong increase of FY 2020 guidance
29-06-2020 Hauck & Aufhäuser Entertainment just one CLIQ away
26-06-2020 Quirin Dividend payments ahead
17-06-2020 Quirin CLIQ Digital to benefit from rising demand for streaming content
18-05-2020 Warburg Strong Q1
16-04-2019 Edison Direct media buying paying off
16-03-2020 Warburg In time of crisis companies like Cliq will benefit
20-02-2020 Warburg Cliq delivers convincing figures
22-11-2019 Warburg Back to former strength
12-09-2019 Edison Improving profitability
19-08-2019 Warburg Good Q2
17-05-2019 Warburg Signs of stabilisation
17-04-2019 Edison Increased marketing to drive revenue growth
20-02-2019 Warburg Stabilisation of the business
26-11-2018 Warburg 2018 will be weak
08-10-2018 Edison Muted H1, marketing spend to drive H2 uptick
22-08-2018 Warburg Performance remains subdued in Q2
22-05-2018 Warburg Growth expected again from Q2 onwards
25-04-2018 Edison Higher marketing spend key to growth
16-02-2018 Warburg Focus on cash
17-11-2017 Warburg Business progressing according to plan
23-08-2017 Edison UME adds to strong organic growth (English Version)
23-08-2017 Warburg Research Forecasts increased after acquisition (English Version)
12-05-2017 Warburg Research A good Q1 (English Version)
08-05-2017 Edison Doubling of net profit in FY16 (English Version)
16-02-2017 Warburg Research Annual result doubled (English Version)
27-01-2017 Warburg Research A new view on Cliq (English Version)
14-11-2016 Warburg Research Wenns läuft, dann läufts…
22-08-2016 Warburg Research Cliq liefert
10-05-2016 Warburg Research 2015 noch belastet
23-11-2015 Warburg Research Umsatz steigt stark, Nettoergebnis nicht
10-08-2015 Warburg Research Solides Halbjahr
22-05-2015 Warburg Research Sehr starkes Q1 – Aber Probleme in Mexiko
23-02-2015 Warburg Research Refinanziert und auf alte Stärken refokussiert
03-12-2014 Warburg Research Aktivierung steigert Ergebnis – Kapitalerhöhung verwässert
27-05-2014 Warburg Research Starke Kundengewinnung – hohe Marketingaufwendungen
04-04-2014 Warburg Research Drastischer Ergebnisrückgang im Q4
03-04-2014 Close Brothers Seydler Research Preliminary figures – Negative one-offs still possible
22-11-2013 Warburg Research Herausforderndes Marktumfeld
12-09-2013 Warburg Research Markt bleibt hart
26-08-2013 Close Brothers 1H13 – EBITDA in line with expectations
15-07-2013 Close Brothers FY12 final figures confirm preliminary figures Outlook solid; PT back up to EUR 8.00
22-05-2013 Warburg Research Gute Ergebnisse in herausforderndem Markt
26-02-2013 Warburg Research Prognosen übertroffen
26-02-2013 Close Brothers 4Q12 better than expected
19-12-2012 Warburg Research Abschreibungen belasten
06-12-2012 Close Brothers Special items higher than previously expected
22-11-2012 Warburg Research Ergebnis stabilisiert
21-11-2012 Close Brothers 3Q figures in line of achieving full year guidance
06-09-2012 Close Brothers Tender offer for EUR 7.00 from close to scratch
05-09-2012 Warburg Research Geschäftsmodell zeigt seine riskante Seite
17-07-2012 Close Brothers No surprises in the final figures for FY11
22-06-2012 Warburg Research Starkes 2012 erwartet
18-06-2012 Close Brothers Preliminary figures for 2011 below expectations
11-05-2012 Close Brothers Integration of CLIQ B.V. is progressing well
08-05-2012 Close Brothers 2011E figures now excluding CLIQ B.V.
23-02-2012 TradeCentre Interview
18-11-2011 Close Brothers 2012E is a start of a new era
18-11-2011 Warburg Research Bob macht CLIQ!
07-09-2011 Warburg Research Prognoseanpassung nach Managementmeeting
26-08-2011 Close Brothers 2H11 outlook on track to achieve goals
23-08-2011 Warburg Research Deutliche Umsatzsteigerung – Gewinn in H2 erwartet
01-08-2011 Close Brothers Final figures 2010 with negative surprise
09-06-2011 Close Brothers Despite loss in 1Q, figures in line with FY guidance
04-05-2011 Warburg Research Bob Mobile wächst stark
04-05-2011 Close Brothers Top line growth in 4Q higher than expected
17-03-2011 Warburg Research Beeindruckende 800.000 Online-Gamer…
17-03-2011 Close Brothers Takeover – positive top line effects in 2011E
04-02-2011 Close Brothers Positive newsflow supports the share price
17-01-2011 Close Brothers Current development of Bob Mobile is delightful
13-01-2011 Warburg Research No title
25-11-2010 Close Brothers 9M performance in line with expectations
25-11-2010 Warburg Research Auf gutem Weg
26-08-2010 Close Brothers A bright star in the mobile content business
23-08-2010 SES RESEARCH Starkes Q2
20-07-2010 SES RESEARCH Hochprofitabler Dienstanbieter
15-7-2010 GSC Bilanzvorlage 2009 ohne große Abweichungen zu vorläufigen Zahlen
08-02-2010 GSC Interview mit Herrn Remco Westermann, Vorstand der Bob Mobile AG
21-01-2010 GSC Neumonatszahlen überraschen positiv – neuer Konsolidierungskreis

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