Management Team

Management Board

Luc Voncken: Management Board / CEO

Born in 1970, Luc is the Chief Executive Officer. Luc has over 12 years experience in new media. During his earlier career he held a number of senior management positions with ING Bank and ABN AMRO Bank. In 2000 he started his first company which developed a game which could be played on the Internet as well as mobile phone. He was shareholder of Golden Bytes (aggregator of mobile connectivity) and initiated the first SMS TV voting with Big Brother in The Netherlands. In 2002 Luc founded Blinck International BV and held the position of CEO. In 2010 Blinck merged with TMG into CLIQ BV where Luc held the position of non-executive board member. In 2012 CLIQ BV merged with Bob Mobile AG to form CLIQ Digital AG. Luc’s strength lies in his power to innovate combined with operational excellence. Luc Voncken holds a Masters Degree in Business Economics (Amsterdam).


Ben Bos: Management Board

Born in 1962, Ben is a member of the Management Board. From 1993 to 1997 Ben held several positions with Arcade Entertainment B.V. (amongst others ad interim managing director of its German subsidiary). From 1997 to 2000 he was managing director of ID & T Entertainment B.V. From 1997 – 2014 he was managing Odd World Consultancy B.V. working as an independent corporate finance advisor with a particular focus on M&A and restructuring. Ben’s areas of responsibility within the Management Board comprise Finance, Legal, Corporate Development and Capital Markets.


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