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Our multi-content portals offer entertainment for the whole family. A typical flow of how we attract and sign up future members to our services is outlined below.


Potential members browse the Internet and a banner appears that refers to our multi-content offering in a nutshell. The banner attracts attention, sparks interest and invites potential members to click on a button.

Commuter biking to work through the park


Our banner leads to the next step: our landing page. Here we explain clearly what we offer and how to become a member. In 3 easy steps, the potential members get “click by click” closer to the content. Our free trial offer makes it easy to test our entertainment services.

Commuter biking to work through the park


Choice of 10 favourite audiobooks as part of our exclusive offer.


After entering the email address and password, a confirmation of the account is needed, including payment details.

Thank you message

The thank you message confirms that the registration was successful.

Welcome email

The welcome email new members receive confirms membership and allows access to the content. It Is also pointed out that there is no commitment, as it is possible to cancel our services anytime.

Multi-content portal

Whatever kind of content members like the most: we are likely to have it.