About CLIQ Digital

Our Philosophy

      • From a technical point of view, there are almost no limits
      • Our focus is the mobile consumer, the mass market
      • Sophisticated business intelligence is essential
      • We use profitable business models the consumer accepts
      • These models have to be profitable from day 1
      • We are high tech, but technology doesn’t lead us, the market does

We are a sales, marketing and payment platform for digital products.


Our Story

        • CLIQ has its roots in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
        • Founded in 2003 and since 2012 a merged company of Blinck, TMG and Bob Mobile, renamed to CLIQ Digital AG
        • Is stock listed on the Frankfurt Stock exchange, since 2005
        • We started in television advertising, airing over 1,000 commercials across 135 major television stations across the world
        • Aggressively moved into internet advertising since 2006
        • Heavily expanded in mobile advertising since 2009
        • And since 2014 embracing in app advertising
        • We have 25+ nationalities, and are active in more than 34 countries
        • Reaching 2.3 billion mobile users via 110 carriers
        • We love to make the best products for our consumers, since 2003 we generated 45 million sales
        • We are proud of our people, history, knowledge, and entrepreneurial attitude

We are CLIQ Digital, the advertiser of digital products.


CLIQ Digital AG (ISIN DE000A0HHJR3), based in Dusseldorf, Germany, is listed on Scale of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

We are a profitable, growing, dynamic and international company. The company employs over 25+ different nationalities and is fully engaged in offering a wide range of digital products to consumers worldwide. We have offices in Germany and The Netherlands.

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