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Numerous streaming services

We spark immediate interest in today’s streaming consumer

Over the years, we have become experts in online advertising and know how to spark the immediate interest of streaming consumers globally. Our marketing and business knowledge allow us to target a wide variety of customers with the streaming content they like. Followed by a free trial offer to effectively convert streaming consumers into paying members. 
 Today we have 150+ streaming services, across XX countries, resulting in XX paying members. Our targeted streaming services account for XXX of the turnover.

Multiple iPhone screens showcasing a variety of Cliq products

Our flagship store cliq.de is nominated!

Cliq is nominated twice for the German Brand Award 2023 in two disciplines for our Cliq product and brand launch.

Excellent Brands:

Media & Entertainment

Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation:

Brand Innovation & New Business Models

The awards ceremony takes place on 15th of June 2023 in Berlin.

Flagship streaming service

All-in-one streaming for the mass market

Our online advertising expertise and strong track record in creating streaming services has brought us closer to achieving our ambition, launching Cliq.de. Our most mature, all-in-one streaming service makes streaming accessible for everyone in Germany.

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Close-up of hand interacting with the cliq.de app Close-up of hand interacting with the cliq.de app