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Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence department is responsible for all reporting and forecasting throughout CLIQ and its subsidiaries. The BI department is made up of Business Analysts and BI Developers/Engineers. The typical work and project activity for the BI department involves the integration of various data sources, data analysis, statistical forecasting, reporting, and advising the business. CLIQ is a data-oriented company, and nearly all departments use the BI department’s input to steer business decision-making and optimize existing and new business opportunities.


Three different teams work mainly on our new platform One of them: Team Programming. They integrate and curate content that is relevant to the German market and aligns with current trends. This team is the link between content providers and CLIQ and works closely with a dedicated marketing team, which is working on a 360-degree campaign to introduce the platform to the German market. There is also a dedicated Design Team. Their responsibilities include designing new content portals, marketing materials including, flyers, packaging but also marketing funnels, brochures, social media content, show banners and the landing page. This team is also the gatekeeper of the Cliq brand identity.


Communications at CLIQ is a strongly media-related department, mainly divided into Internal Group Communications, External Group Communications and Productions. Each field requires a wide range of activities, such as blog and website management, newsletters, general assets creation, concept creation, social media as well as PR and events. We support our related departments such as Investor Relations, Marketing and Licensing and consult all internal and external stakeholders throughout CLIQ to contribute to the group’s strategic positioning and our products.


The CPI (Content, Platforms, Integrations) department is all about our multi-content portals and their users. Our digital marketing team drives customers to our content portals all over the world. Once a user signs up, our team is constantly optimizing the user’s experience to make sure they are satisfied. They do this by optimizing the UI of the portals, selecting content for our audiences together with our licensing team, presenting the best content on prominent positions and making sure all the content is visually attractive.


The Customer Relations team drives and nurtures positive customer interactions and experiences. The team works and grows together with every department to have a clear vision of how CLIQ handles processes. Their responsibility includes accurately providing information and advice to external partners. Customers drive our business, so proactive steps to engage them are crucial to our long-lasting success.


The Digital Marketing Team promotes CLIQ’s full product portfolio globally through online marketing. They set up, manage, and optimize performance-driven marketing campaigns across multiple advertising platforms. The Designers in the Digital Marketing team create the ads and landing pages for promotion, and the Campaign Managers then connect and deliver the funnels to the Digital Marketing Specialists who then set up the campaigns on the advertising platforms. Then the team monitors, optimises, and scales the campaigns.


The Facility Department at CLIQ is responsible for a variety of tasks related to our offices. They ensure that our offices meet the needs of every employee who works at CLIQ. They provide the tools as well as services supporting the functionality, safety, and sustainability of our buildings. Moreover, they also organise a range of amazing events together with our event management partners.


The mission of the Finance Department is to deliver timely and accurate financial reporting and provide proper oversight of all expenditures and revenue collections to successfully support the operations of the CLIQ Group. The Finance team principally assists the various operational departments and executive board with planning, organizing, and directing the financial activities in conformance with all applicable laws and accounting standards. This department can be divided into the areas of Accounting, Financial control & reporting, Business control and Projects.

Human Resources

The HR team at CLIQ is responsible for managing the full employee life cycle. The team is responsible for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training and, sometimes, letting go of employees. Next to that, they administer employee benefits, process payroll, and maintain employee records. They also ensure that policies and legal procedures are in place and followed accordingly, in each country where CLIQ employs people. The HR team supports and manages learning and career growth. The team offers help when they are dealing with various life occurrences such as health issues or debts. Our HR-department advocates for a safe and healthy work environment and offer a big contribution to our CLIQ culture.


Investor Relations ist für die gesamte Kommunikation mit Investoren, Analysten und der Finanzpresse zuständig. Ihr Credo ist es, diese einfach zu halten, damit jeder versteht, was CLIQ tut. Das Department kreiert, entwickelt und transportiert die Equity Story der CLIQ-Gruppe, die die strategische Darstellung, die zu berichtenden Finanzinformationen und KPIs sowie die Erläuterung der Geschäftstätigkeit und des Geschäftsmodells umfasst. Investor Relations ist ein zweiseitiger Kommunikationskanal - zwischen dem Kapitalmarkt und dem Management, um zu informieren, aufzuklären und wichtige Themen, Trends und Blickwinkel sowie strittige Punkte aufzuzeigen.

Content & Licensing

The licensing department is always striving to find the right and valuable digital content for all our target groups. This department closes licensing deals with a broad variety of content partners across different verticals. Our teams are heading to various worldwide markets such as Mipcom, Sportel or Gamescom. Once back at the desk, they evaluate the content and negotiate the deal terms in close collaboration with our legal eagles, finance, tech, and CPI teams.


The M&A Team (Mergers & Acquisitions) is focusing on corporate growth via acquiring new businesses and finding new potential partners (for example for content or technology). The main tasks of the team are: Scanning the market for possible new partners, preparing investment cases, negotiations of terms and conditions, and full acquisition management.


The Mobile Billing team is responsible for CLIQ’s products in 30+ countries through mobile carrier payment such as premium SMS or Direct Carrier Billing. The team strives to promote products with the best UX experience, pricing, billing, and sales strategy utilising our best practices accrued over the past 20 years in the mobile billing industry. They also select our technical providers strategically to fit our needs – from technical, commercial, and financial standpoints.


The Technology department builds and maintains technical solutions, websites, pages, user interfaces, databases and many more. Tech also serves as fast as possible while protecting the security of the users’ privacy and their data. Whether it’s Frontend, Backend, Systems or database tools, the whole team works towards one constant common goal: optimisation.