01 Content & Licensing

The extension and management of CLIQ Digital’s content portfolio is handled by the Content & Licensing Department. Thanks to the deep knowledge of the digital content landscape and the wide-spanning global supplier network, CLIQ Digital is able to acquire the best content across any product vertical. The department is in charge of the entire acquisition process, from scouting and screening to contract negotiations, partner reportings as well as implementation of digital assets and metadata.

02 Media Buying

The Digital Marketing Team handles the media buying activities for CLIQ. This includes creating and designing the full funnel along with running and managing the media buying campaigns across all the online advertising platforms we use. We love to optimize and our ultimate goal is always to improve ROI!

03 Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence department is responsible for all reporting and forecasting throughout CLIQ and its subsidiaries. The department integrates data from multiple sources in order to conduct data analysis and statistical forecasting. This includes the prediction of revenue amounts based on trends and behaviour patterns. CLIQ is a data-oriented company and all departments use the input from the BI team in order to steer business decision making and to optimize existing and new business opportunities.

04 Global Partnerships and Operations (GPO)

The GPO team is responsible for the Business Development, Country Operations and Marketing as well as Customer Care and Design in relation to our mobile payments business. Business Development is responsible for new country roll outs, country optimization and manage strategic relationship with all gateway and carriers worldwide. Country & Operations and Marketing manage existing country operations worldwide from product and campaign roll out to the improvement of marketing spend and margins for mobile billing services. The Customer Care team sets up and manages the customer care for the various countries we operate in. Finally, the Designers ensure creative and high quality designs regarding the roll outs of our advertising campaigns.

05 Technology

The Technology department is responsible for the architecture, hardware, software, database management and networking of computers and servers in the company. Technology creates and maintains the software needed for our clients to sign up, pay for and enjoy our digital content services. Main objective of the department is to provide a seamless online experience for customers and employees in a stable environment.

06 Finance

The finance team covers a wide range of services, from basic bookkeeping to financial reporting & control, tax & compliance, budgeting, analysis and financial planning. They provide financial and strategic insights and work closely with CLIQ’s Management Team and Board to help grow and develop the business.

08 Office ICT

The Office ICT department manages the service desk function, which provides a user contact for all issues regarding ICT services. Responsibility of the office ICT department contains managing standard hardware and software upgrades, prioritize all incoming support requests, server maintenance, remote monitoring of ICT systems, communication and coordination of the service desk function. First and foremost, the ICT department ensures all Cliq employees can use all their office equipment at all times without any interruptions to their daily work.

09 Human Resources

Human Resources at CLIQ involves developing and administering programs that are designed to increase the effectiveness of our organization. This includes the entire spectrum of creating, managing and cultivating the employer-employee relationship. Of course, they recruit the best talent and focus on employee’s strengths. They furthermore create organizational alignment throughout the CLIQ group and devote themselves to provide employee-friendly guidelines and support.