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CLIQ’S AUDIOBOOK-TYPE QUIZ In recent years, audiobooks have become an increasingly popular way to consume content, thanks to their convenience and accessibility. As the world of audiobooks grows, choosing the right audiobook to listen to next can be quite tricky. To make the journey more fun, we’ve created this quick and easy quiz to help you determine your audiobook-listening type. Read More
DIVERSITY & INCLUSION In light of this year’s Pride Month, we want to take a moment to explore the significance of diversity and inclusion. Why should companies invest in and prioritise these principles, and what benefits do they bring to both individuals and the organisation as a whole? In this article, we delve into two compelling reasons why embracing diversity and inclusion pays off while emphasising their enduring relevance. Read More
A CLIQ.DE AUDIO SUMMER Summer is the season of long, warm days, and good vibes. Whether you’re hosting a summer party, are on a road trip with friends, or simply relaxing in a lounge chair in the garden, on you can find the right Music Station powered by our partner Stingray to get you into a sunny mood. Read More
CLIQ’S MUSIC STREAMER QUIZ The music industry has undergone rapid changes in the last few years, with digital streaming making music more accessible. But as we get access to an infinite amount of music, it is also becoming harder to pinpoint what type of music we like. Take this fun and easy quiz and determine your personal music type to make navigating the music landscape a little easier for yourself. Read More
LUC’S COFFEE SIT-DOWNS ED.6 In “A Coffee with Luc” our CEO Luc Voncken regularly lets us take a look behind the operational scenes of his daily business. In this edition, Luc tells us about his latest visit to Cannes, where he, together with his licensing team, attended MipTV, one of the most important events in the TV and film industry. Read More
MEET THE SCHMIDTS! Since April 2023, the first TV campaign promoting our new flagship streaming service Cliq for the German market is on air. The various spots humorously show that Cliq offers “best of alles”. The Schmidt family is at the centre of the new Cliq-TV campaign, and each has a favourite content category. Read More
MEET NATHALIE NIJHUIS-LAM In this interview, we spoke with Nathalie Nijhuis-Lam, our new board member, who is the Head of Global Sponsorship and Lead Inclusion & Diversity Marketing Transformation at Philips. We asked her about her insights on leadership, how she defines success, and the journey that brought her to her current role. Read More
OUR LONDON OFFICE Let’s have a look at our London office. Located in West London, it presents a comforting contrast to the hustle and bustle of one of London’s most exclusive areas and is somewhere our CLIQ London team can learn and grow. Read More
CLIQ’S AGM 2023 On 6th April 2023, CLIQ held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Düsseldorf. As it was our first AGM that was held at a physical location since 2019, we were excited to welcome our investors in person and share CLIQ Digital’s full-year 2022 results and positive outlook for the upcoming year. Read More
EASTER ENTERTAINMENT With the long Easter weekend just around the corner, you’ve probably already started thinking about how you’ll spend it. In this article, we’ll give you some great recommendations for films, audiobooks, music, sports, and games – all available on our flagship store Read More
THIS IS SEBASTIAN MCCOSKRIE Sebastian McCoskrie is responsible for CLIQ’s investor and financial press relations. In this interview, we spoke with Sebastian about his career, challenges in the business, personal strengths and weaknesses, and we find out why working in financial communications is, in the end, even better than flying above the clouds. Read More
EXPLORING THE BENEFITS OF M&A Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a crucial part of a company’s strategy to help grow their business. In this article, our M&A Director Erik Cornelissen discusses the recent success with our content partner, the French cloud gaming company Blacknut, and examines the reasons why this partnership is successful. Read More