As our Global Communications Director (GCD), Sophie Siekmann serves as one of the primary advisors to our CEO, collaborates closely with our MT members, leads the Communications Team and the organisation’s internal and external Communications.

Sophie is originally from Germany and studied Business Communication Management in Berlin and Dublin. She built up her career throughout the years in the media, TV and agency landscape by working as an editor, storyliner, senior content marketing manager, producer and communication consultant. Sophie has been part of CLIQ for 4 years and describes her personal leadership style as a mix of democratic and laissez-faire, always being straight and dedicated.

In this interview, you get to know her better and learn why the success of others can also make you happy.

Hi Sophie! What did you want to become as a kid?

To be honest, I always liked being the centre of attention and wanted to be a true superstar when I was younger! I saw myself on the biggest stages in the world. But the older I got, the more reality caught up with me and I focused on other things I liked: languages, discussions and writing. But somehow I always felt that I was better than average, always aiming high, and I’m not afraid to prove or show this again and again. Especially as a young woman in the business world, you have to speak up and stand your ground.

What is your biggest strength and what is your biggest weakness?

Both in one: I am incredibly decisive. For me, there’s usually black or white, I either go all in or I’m straight out. This often means that I can be very quick and efficient when it comes to decisions. But this also means that sometimes I miss the nuances and should give things a little bit more time to think things through. I am trying to work on this though.

What does a regular workday look like for you?

Fortunately, my working days are quite varied because Communications at CLIQ has so many facets. I'm a terrible late riser, so I snooze for as long as I can, get ready quickly and then head off to the office. There, I meet my lovely team and we discuss the topics of the day. My days usually alternate between meetings and operational work, where I take projects forward, brainstorm new ideas or create new concepts, and delegate them. In addition to leading the team, I also support our CEO Luc, which means that I plan upper-management meetings with him or discuss operational projects from a communications perspective. On other days, I am on production sets with my team when we are creating social media and website content, scouting locations or planning new events for internal or external stakeholders. It never gets boring!

What was the biggest challenge you have overcome so far?

I suffer from a genetic panic disorder that causes me to experience panic and anxiety attacks in certain life situations, which manifest themselves very physically. This came to a head a few years ago after a heavy break-up. Before I decided to have them treated therapeutically, they restricted my life a lot. However, my job has always been a great support, because even on bad days it has motivated me to keep going. The attacks are now very rare and I’m proud of that, and even when they do occur, I know how to deal with them well and it also made me grow personally.

How do you define success?

For me, success means first and foremost being independent and being able to create the life I’m dreaming of. So far, that’s going well! Apart from that, I really enjoy being a mentor to my teammates and teaching my colleagues what I have learned myself over the years. People management can bring so much success to all involved parties! Seeing a junior slowly grow into a medior and then into a senior makes me very proud and is also a huge achievement for me as a manager.

What challenges do you face every day in the communications business?

In general, advancing digitalisation is both a blessing and a curse for our industry in my eyes. The possibilities of communication seem almost endless, and everyone can express themselves from anywhere in the world, often and often without filters. New trend channels emerge time and these should always be properly understood and utilised, especially in corporate communication, where “old methods” are often stubbornly adhered to. We have to, more than ever, thrive in a fast-paced environment, staying abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies and geopolitical developments.

Speaking for CLIQ, challenges are also opportunities: Internally, for example, our diverse and multicultural corporate culture fosters demanding intercultural communication and requires the right empathy, knowledge and skills. Externally, our business model often raises questions because we are easily mistaken for a traditional streaming provider, which is in reality not the case. We are the Global Marketer of Streaming Services! Clarifying this across all channels and for all stakeholders is an ongoing challenge, but it also keeps the work exciting.

When was the last time you changed your mind about something important?

I can’t remember. As I said, I always make decisions very fast and straightforwardly and rarely look back afterwards.

What makes you truly happy?

I’m usually very extroverted in my job, although I tend to get my energy from being alone. So, for me, there’s nothing better than coming home in the evening listening to my favourite podcast in the bathtub and then jumping on my sofa and watching a series - that’s what I call quality time.

Describe how you envision a regular Monday in 5 years.

Career-wise, I hope that every morning I will still come to the office with this great team and that we have continued to grow as a company and as a department. I hope that I still feel challenged in my job and continue to learn new things. I hope that my family, my friends, and I are healthy and that I have a little four-legged companion by my side: I really wish to have my own dog!

What’s your personal favourite content on CLIQ at the moment?

I’m a true Disney enthusiast, which means I love everything about Disney, Pixar, and the Disney Parks! At, you can rent various Disney movies and play Disney-themed games.

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