Planet & Society

Woman working at her desk in front of brightly colored wall. A blurry plant is in the foreground.
Commuter biking to work through the park


Our target – Achieve carbon neutrality, i.e. net zero carbon dioxide emissions, by balancing or eliminating CO2 emissions by the end of 2029

  • Full public transport subsidies
  • Bike scheme and no company car policy
  • Headquarters refurbished with newest energy-saving standards
  • Paperless office promoted (e.g. DocuSign)
  • Reusable coffee/tea cups
  • Fair Trade office coffee, organic fruit and veg
Cliq employees eating lunch together


Our target – Management gender parity by the end of 2029

  • Equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion
  • (Online) training & development program made available for all employees across all offices
  • Competitive, performance-based and fair compensation
  • Company culture based team events and online shows to keep a connection across all offices
  • Well-being of employees in focus
  • Sports club membership subsidies and in-house gym facilities
  • Workplace prevention & response systems
Close up of a man motioning towards a report


CLIQ’s Management Board is committed to complying with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

  • Code of conduct
  • Reporting system: adequate reporting to all stakeholders
  • Transparent procedures and practices
  • Effective and regular monitoring and controlling
  • Segregation of duties principle
  • Whistleblower policy