01 Service Portals

Numerous streaming services

We spark streaming consumers’ interest in our numerous streaming services, using online advertising. With a membership offer to online consumers (which includes a free trial period) we effectively convert them into paying members.

Flagship service Cliq (cliq.de)

Our strong track record in building streaming services has brought us closer to achieving our dream cliq.de: our most advanced all-in-one streaming service for the mass market in Germany.

02 Key Differentiators


  • Bundled streaming services addressing the mass market with 1 service containing 5 content categories
  • Single-content services addressing niche markets
  • Targeting value-orientated consumers
  • Attractive pricing model


  • Net cash position
  • Profitable subscription already within the first six months
  • Every marketing € spent is generating a profit
  • 7-8 months’ average subscription duration


  • Numerous all-in-one streaming services
  • One-stop shop
  • Unlimited access to a wide choice from multiple categories
  • Free-trial period
  • No-nonsense cancellation policy


  • Approaching subscribers via online marketing
  • Proprietary predictive analysis business intelligence tool
  • We analyse trends to understand the streaming market and consumer demand


  • Licenced, not owned
  • More local than global focus
  • Content cost is either a fixed amount, revenue-based or pay-per-use
  • We store, bundle and curate digital content in our digital content warehouse
03 Marketing Campaigns
In order to get to know us and our daily business better, you can have a look at our campaigns and advertisement process. There we show you how we direct-marketing our content and present CLIQ to the outside world
04 Customer Journey