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CLIQ Digital is a streaming provider specialising in direct marketing of affordable entertainment products. The company provides members worldwide with unlimited access to music, audiobooks, games, sports and movie content. CLIQ’s business model centres on the selling of membership-based digital entertainment via direct marketing. In addition, CLIQ offers also ad-funded, digital marketing services. CLIQ's membership-based service offers two product lines: (1) multi-content portals such as (2) single-content portals such as In order to reach future members, we directly market all our products via different digital campaigns. To find out more about our (direct) marketing campaigns click on the buttons below.

Bundled content

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Social Media
We advertise our content also via several search engine programmes and on social media.
Besides our multi-content portals, we also offer single-branded content portals for different target groups, For example, we offer audiobooks and music content for kids, as well as, horror movie content for adults seeking a thrill.