Our digital ads can make you find our content services. Here we show you how this works.
Our campaigns can also be found via several search platforms. Our ads describe our services in a nutshell – and are only 1-click away from our landing page.
Our ad leads to the next step, our landing page. Here we explain clearly what is offered and how to access the content. By now clicking “30 days free trial” an account is created.
Free trial registration
In the next step, we explain how the free trial, the cancellation period and the membership registration works. By clicking on the red button, the free trial period is activated.
A pop-up window appears and the potential member can sign up for a free trial account by typing in their email address and password.
After entering the email address and password, a confirmation of the account with payment details is required.
Welcome email
The welcome email new members receive confirms membership and allows access to the content – without any commitment, as it is possible to cancel our services at anytime.
CLIQ All-in-One
An enjoyable one-stop shop for lots of different kinds of content.
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