The year is progressing and spring is just around the corner. Time to meet our CEO for a coffee again and find out what’s been going on at CLIQ over the last few weeks and months. Clear structures and innovative organisational approaches play a key role here! Read the full interview with Luc and find out why the idea of “spring cleaning” can be interesting and inspiring for companies such as CLIQ.

Hi Luc! How did the CLIQ year start from your point of view?

In any case, the year got off to a very energetic and dedicated start at CLIQ. Personally, I like to begin a new year by identifying how things are going in general, what is good, what can go better and what could perhaps be seen from a different perspective. It’s a little bit like spring cleaning and helps us to stay focused! And of course, there is always room for optimisation, that’s what keeps a company alive.

What does this mean for CLIQ?

We have used the last few months very efficiently to rethink, expand and improve our internal organisational structure. We felt this was appropriate at the time, as we have grown very strongly in the past year. That is wonderful, but also requires a clear structure and overview. This begins with the clarification of areas of responsibility, continues with the indication of management levels and ends with the efficiency analysis of all our individual teams. The whole project is still in an active and creative process, we constantly gather direct feedback from our employees as well as from external partners, and we will also use the coming months to implement our structural plans and innovations in the best possible way and manifest them sustainably.

Can you give one concrete restructuring example?

I have 3 for you! On the one hand, we have paid a lot of attention to our tech vision for this year and divided our many different tech teams even more targeted and efficient. On the other hand, we have decided to set up a cross-departmental project management team, which will optimise our workflows and provide a better overall overview. And: One of my personal heartfelt wishes was to make innovation and AI an even greater focus of the company. Now there are dedicated teams that focus on precisely this. I’m really excited and looking forward to the output in the coming months!

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