CLIQ is the home of many different departments and teams. Here’s part two of our easy-to-use department dictionary that explains the responsibilities and everyday tasks of each team. Let’s go!



/ɪnˈvɛstə rɪˈleɪʃənz/

Investor Relations is responsible for all communications to investors, analysts as well as the financial press. Their credo is to keep it simple so that everyone understands what CLIQ is doing. This department creates, develops, and transports the CLIQ Group’s equity story, which includes the strategic narrative, reported financials and KPIs, as well as explains the operations and business model. Investor Relations is a two-way communications channel between the capital market and management to inform, educate and flag important issues, trends and angles, as well as moot points.




The Legal Department supports the business with a wide range of matters. Amongst other things, they review contracts and provide terms and conditions, disclaimers, and privacy policies for our services. Furthermore, they assess and prevent legal risks, ensure consumer data protection, and advise on the marketing of our services. They also provide corporate support within the CLIQ Group and they make sure CLIQ complies with the obligations of a stock-listed company. Finally, the legal department is responsible for the management of all contractual and corporate information relating to the CLIQ Group.



The licensing department is always striving to find the right and valuable digital content for all our streaming services. This department closes licensing deals with a broad variety of content partners across different verticals. Our teams are heading to various worldwide shows such as Mipcom, Sportel, or Gamescom. Once back at the desk, they evaluate the content and negotiate the deal terms in close collaboration with our legal, finance, tech, and CPI teams.



/ˈmɜːʤəz & ˌækwɪˈzɪʃ(ə)nz/

The M&A Team (Mergers & Acquisitions) is focusing on corporate growth via acquiring new businesses and finding new potential partners (for example for content or new advertising means). The main tasks of the team are: scanning the market for possible new partners, preparing investment cases, negotiations of terms and conditions, and full acquisition management.


/ˈməʊbaɪl ˈbɪlɪŋ/

The Mobile Billing team is responsible for CLIQ’s products in 30+ countries through mobile carrier payment such as premium SMS or Direct Carrier Billing. The team strives to promote products with the best user experience and sales strategy utilising our best practices accrued over the past 20 years in the mobile billing industry. They also select our connectivity providers strategically to fit our needs – from technical and commercial standpoints.




The Technology department builds and maintains technical solutions, websites, pages, user interfaces, databases and many more. Tech also serves as fast as possible while protecting the security of the users’ privacy and their data.

Whether it’s Frontend, Backend, Systems or database tools, the whole team works towards one constant common goal: a seamless customer experience.

This was the second part of our CLIQ Department dictionary. Find part I here.

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