At CLIQ, we understand that innovation thrives in a diverse environment. This is why we strive to create a workspace that features different personalities, each bringing unique strengths and perspectives to the table. We always aim to align our team dynamics to promote creativity and excellence. And our employees are even trained to learn about and to recognise these different personality types.

Embracing the full spectrum of these personality traits allows us to approach challenges from multiple angles and devise solutions that are not only creative but also comprehensive and robust. Our commitment to diversity in personalities ensures that every project benefits from a wide range of insights and skills, pushing us toward the cutting edge of innovation. Today, we’ll take a look together at the DISG dimensions, which help us at CLIQ to recognise our own strengths and weaknesses and to better understand those around us.

Many different theories categorise personalities into colours. DISG, for example, categorises personality types into four main colours: red, yellow, green, and blue. Each colour represents distinct traits and behaviours that contribute to a vibrant and dynamic work culture. Our CLIQ team members have completed various workshops to determine their dominant DISG colour traits, understand how these influence their personal work styles, and learn the best ways to interact and collaborate with different personality types in their daily work.

Red (dominant)

Individuals with a Red personality are extroverted, ambitious, and confident. They are natural leaders, driven by a desire to dominate and lead projects. Their energy is a catalyst for action and motivation within teams.

Yellow (initiating)

Yellow personalities are known for their thrill-seeking, hard-working, and innovative traits. They are extroverted, optimistic, and excel in social settings. Yellows are driven by the desire to inspire and influence others, making them key players in fostering a collaborative environment.

Green (steadfast)

Those who fall into the Green category are introverted, helpful, and easy-going. They seek stability, routine, and security, providing a grounded perspective in fast-paced situations. Their cooperative and patient nature makes them excellent team players who enhance group cohesion.

Blue (diligent)

Blue personalities are introverted, obedient, organised, and meticulous. They are driven by a need to comply and adhere to systems and structures. Their meticulous attention to detail and cautious approach ensures that our projects meet the highest standards of quality and precision.

Each personality brings a unique set of skills and perspectives that, when combined, lead to breakthrough ideas and solutions. That is why we need to leverage these diverse personality traits to create a balanced team dynamic. Which colour (s) do you recognise in yourself?

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