CLIQ is organised into four main units: Service, Commercial, Tech, and Support. Each of these units plays an important role in helping the company run smoothly and effectively. In this article, we briefly explain the responsibilities and tasks of each of these units.

Service Unit

The Business Unit Service builds the foundation to grow CLIQ further concerning conversion, countries, and billing methods. They are responsible for all our services, such as the apps & web portals, for the global market.

Commercial Unit

The Commercial unit is responsible for business growth. This team identifies market opportunities, develops sales strategies. Their efforts help expand CLIQ’s market presence and drive revenue. The Commercial unit brings the service to the customer and generates sales. Overall, they are responsible for media buy, conversions and sales as well as data analysis. The team consists of teams on Google Display, Search, Other traffic sources and Affiliation.

Tech Unit

The Tech unit handles CLIQ’s technology needs. This team develops and maintains the company’s technological infrastructure and products. This unit serves as the backbone of CLIQ’s digital infrastructure and innovation and is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the tech systems and solutions.

Support Unit

The Support unit keeps the company running smoothly behind the scenes, teams include for example HR and finance. Their work is crucial for supporting the other units, mitigating risks, and contributing to the overall strategic business objectives. To do this, these teams collaborate closely with other units.

Each of CLIQ’s four units plays a crucial role in the company. By working together, we ensure that CLIQ can deliver quality services to its customers while promoting growth and innovation. Want to read more articles? Check out our blog archive.

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