In this interview, Shinta Pratiknyo shares three important lessons she’s learned during her decade at CLIQ. Shinta talks about the importance of staying positive, learning from failure, and keeping your goals in sight. These insights have helped her navigate her career at CLIQ and are guiding her as she starts a new role as Operation & Growth Strategist for Europe.

#1 Positive Outlook: A Key to Personal and Professional Growth

In my tenure spanning over a decade at CLIQ, I’ve encountered countless experiences—some exhilarating, others challenging. Through it all, one invaluable lesson stands out: maintaining a positive outlook is indispensable for both personal and professional growth.

Amidst the ups and downs of various projects, mergers, and organisational changes, I’ve learned first-hand the transformative power of resilience and positivity. By embracing challenges with optimism, I’ve not only found greater job satisfaction but also cultivated a sense of contentment irrespective of the circumstances. As I reflect on my journey at CLIQ, I am grateful for the opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive within this dynamic environment.

#2 Embracing Failure: A Path to Growth

One of the most profound lessons I’ve learned is the importance of embracing failure as a catalyst for growth. Rather than viewing setbacks as sources of stress, I’ve come to see them as invaluable opportunities to learn and adapt.

From projects veering off course to unforeseen challenges, CLIQ has provided ample opportunities to cultivate resilience and adaptability. These lessons have not only encouraged my approach to overcoming obstacles but have also informed the development of innovative strategies for future endeavours.

#3 Stay Focused on Your End Goal

Flexibility in strategy is vital, but a clear objective ensures forward momentum. CLIQ taught me the importance of maintaining clarity amidst changing circumstances. By setting clear objectives and devising adaptable action plans, I’ve navigated challenges and celebrated successes. Taking stock of progress along the way has been essential for acknowledging growth and staying motivated.

My journey at CLIQ has been nothing short of inspiring, filled with opportunities to collaborate with talented individuals and contribute to meaningful projects. Each experience has enriched my skills, knowledge, and perspective, which I readily share with my colleagues. As I embark on a new role as Operation & Growth strategist for Europe, I am excited to continue my journey of growth, both personally and professionally. With CLIQ’s supportive environment and the right mindset, the possibilities for achievement are boundless.

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