Our Platform

We sell and market digital products to consumers at all continents through direct media buying and a dedicated sales partner network. We are an advertiser for digital products. Our end-users consume our products on their mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Via our platform we have access to more than 2.3 billion consumers who can pay through their mobile phone carrier, their credit card, the app stores and in-direct billing methods such as CRM profiling and display ads.

  • Sales Platform


    More than 100 partners use our dedicated sales platform. This includes around 10 diamond partners that are serviced by dedicated sales teams. Together we reach 5 million consumers on a daily basis. Our own media buying team predominantly focuses on social media inventory. Grumbl Media is our own exclusive affiliate network.

  • Marketing Platform

    We bring the best products, formats and campaigns to market. The evolution of mobile content is the evolution of CLIQ. We started with black&white carrier logo’s in 2003 and are currently selling content such as anti-virus software and video. The products we sell are either owned or licensed and sold outside and inside the app stores via CLIQFORMATS.

  • Payment Platform


    Payment via mobile carriers is the most effective way to convert a mobile lead into a sale. Having strong carrier relationships in place allows us to bill consumers immediately. In addition, we bill consumers via payment methods such as credit card, the app stores and monetization methods such as CRM profiling and display ads.

  • Billing Models


    Our different billing models allow each mobile digital product to be marketed in the most suitable way for the customer, maximizing our sales volumes and profit.

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