In a recent collaboration, our CEO, Luc Voncken, recently appeared on the Street Tweets podcast, hosted by the innovative Julia Stötzel, the brain behind junicorn consulting. This engaging dialogue offers a deep dive into CLIQ’s remarkable growth story, the driving forces behind our company, and much more. The interview fully speaks for itself, so enjoy watching!

Watch the full interview here:

About junicorn consulting

junicorn is on a mission to revolutionise the investor relations landscape by bridging the gap between the traditional capital markets world and the way the next generation of corporates & investors want to communicate. On the one hand, junicorn is focused on assisting unicorns or any type of founder-led, high growth, new economy, or tech-enabled companies in setting up professional investor relations procedures empowering them to access capital markets. On the other hand, junicorn is aiding established corporates to address the next generation of investors by applying modern tools and methods.

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