How do you incorporate healthy habits into your workday? At CLIQ, it is relevant to us to make sure we can support the health of our employees in the best way possible, considering most of us sit in front of our screen(s) all day. In this series, we explain some habits that are easy to form to improve your physical health. Here’s part 1 in which we talk about how physical activity during your workday can be relevant.

Physical activity during the workday is important for several reasons. Not only can it help to reduce stress and boost energy levels but can also improve physical and mental health. For this reason, we have posed the question to our co-workers about how they incorporate physical activity into their workdays.

One answer that was given by many of our colleagues is that making physical activity part of your routine can be as simple and easy as taking a short walk throughout the day – during lunchtime, accompanied by your team or a good playlist, having your meetings outside while walking, or how about taking the stairs instead of the elevator? Of course, another good way to start your workday is by walking to the office like our CEO, or the Dutch way: by cycling to work. If your office looks anything like our CLIQ Amsterdam base, then you have a lot of opportunities to get your blood flowing. On each floor, we offer height-adjustable tables to motivate our colleagues to bring some flexibility into their daily work posture. The benefit of a standing desk is that by changing your posture, you engage your muscles and increase your body’s circulation. In turn, this can lead to a more productive day at work.

Our co-workers also brought up the idea of desk yoga and taking a few minutes to stretch whenever you can. This can help to reduce pain, tension, and stress while improving posture, flexibility, and strength. And the best thing: You don’t have to be an experienced yogi as exercises include easy activities such as neck rolls, shoulder rolls, torso twists, and arm stretches.

Naturally, some activities are more fun to do as a group rather than alone. Our CLIQ Hobby Lobby is an internal initiative to connect colleagues through their hobbies. Via our digital dashboard, people with the same interests can find each other, for example for group yoga, cycling or running sessions. That is another great way to form a new habit for physical activity.

Lastly, especially in January, many people have the resolution to incorporate working out more into their daily lives. This is also true for some of our colleagues. Does your office offer a fitness studio or is there one around the location you work at? We at CLIQ Amsterdam have the possibility to use several gyms around the city. This means everyone employed at CLIQ can go for a quick workout before or after work, or even during their lunch breaks.

Hopefully, these tips brought you some new insights on how to contribute to a healthy everyday office life. Find part II of this article here.

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